Saturday, June 23, 2012

To protect and to serve... the effects of the rains has hit my car. After driving in water so many times, my bumper weakened and a mud-guard more or less fell off this morning.

Problem is that it happened on the Third Mainland Bridge as I was on the way to work.

I managed to get the car limping to the police point on the bridge just before the Ebute Metta turn off and parked just in front of the three policemen.

"Officers, abeg una fit help me with screw driver make I comot dis bumper?"
"Give us 10k."
"For wetin na?"
"Oya comot for here."

No amount of begging dissuaded the policemen, so I ended up using my fingers to remove the erring mud-guard.

That was not what got me. What got me was that policemen, whom I pay from my taxes, just stood by and watched a citizen in trouble.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Spot the difference


"He said on April 21, the Saturday before the plenary, Lawan came in person to his residence and collected $250,000 in cash, as the first instalment, “then the next Monday night he came and collected another $250,000. “On Tuesday, at 9am, just before the House commenced seating, Boniface came and collected another $120,000.”

The Nation:

“You need to get the records straight. The bribe was actually collected at about 4am in the oil baron’s home in Maitama.

The Representative had fixed an appointment for 1am but he got to the place at 4am in a white kaftan. He got $500,000 that early hour of the day.

“Later, the committee’s secretary returned to the oil magnate’s house at about 7.30pm to collect $120,000, which was later handed over to the Representative"

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bitter truth

See what an expatriate who has lived long in Nigeria had to say about we Nigerians and our Leaders:

"All their indifference and mad obsession with their own self interest will ultimately come to haunt them. A lack of integrity in all sectors of their life means that all processes are compromised. Police lending out guns, doctors operating for the sake of the costs associated with it, government officials selling free donated drugs meant for the poor, fake medicines being made, no emergency response because contracts awarded are looted! Teachers selling exam papers, people importing fake fuel! Soon, their buildings will be falling, bridges will collapse and yet they will still continue to smile and praise themselves for being able to navigate this hell they have created for themselves! After the Dana crash, I listened to them, not a statement about the ills that have created this crisis, not a single appreciation of the scale of the social ill that engulfs them! Tomorrow they will all go about their normal lives, cheating, lying and looting! Come Friday/Sunday, they will pray for the deceased and in particular that they themselves do not enter a plane destined to crash!"

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sunday, June 03, 2012

The good road

Yesterday, Edwin Clark announced to the world via Sahara TV that the Lagos-Benin expressway has been fixed.

This morning, myself and an uncle spent over an hour at one spot on a failed portion of the road. And that is just one failed portion...

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Fresh air

No, I don't mean "fresh air" of the kind that GEJ and crew are now choking us with. I mean the kind that I experienced last night. Yes, I'm in the village, and it's much nicer than Lagos here.

I should come more often...

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Friday, June 01, 2012

Energy saving

The truth remains that the government needs to fix the electricity issue. It is too important, and the way they arwe pussy-footing about it is bizzare.

I found it a tad insulting when two days ago the President "launched" some energy saving bulbs and started a nationwide drive to get all of us to change over. Welcome to yesterday Sir.

In more advanced countries than ours, people have been using energy saving bulbs for yonks. They bring down the cost of the electricity provided by, wait for it, the public utilities.

Why not focus on fixing our public electricity supply rather than raising tariffs, then further insulting us by pontifficating on our need to save energy?

For the records, the average Nigerian is already a master when it comes to energy saving. Consider my gateman, Aaron. He knows that with lower power bulbs, his "I-better-pass-my-neighbour" generator uses less petrol than with the other bulbs, so our gatehouse at home is filled with them.

The truth Mr. President is this: it doesn't matter if there are energy savers across the land. As long as we each provide the lion's share of our own energy, it makes no difference.

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