Sunday, April 15, 2012

Population growth

There is no problem with over population. That's just a boogyman.

Consider the technological level of our agriculture, energy, and transport systems at the global scale. At our current technological level it wouldn't surprise me if less than ten percent of the global population could provide for the needs of the other 90+%.

It's not that we don't have the ability to feed the poor, or heal war torn nations. What we lack is the inclination. 'Over crowding' as a term assumes that there are not enough resources to provide for the projected need. But as I stated already this is simply not the case.

Looking at the global population as a whole we can see that about half of us are starving to death. While in 'first world' nations, more usable material is discarded than the starving half of the world even needs.What we have is not over crowding, but imbalance. No human being should exist in destitution, with no education/health care/income and all the basics required of a reasonable Human existence. The solution to this problem is not found in finance, politics, or war.

We must correct the way we relate to each other. We must come to understand that we are all in the same condition and that only together will we be able to rise up to a higher level of life.

We need to exit this survivalist mode of existence and enter the Human degree. This must be our main 'work'.

Comment on this article, a comment I totally agree with.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Having a very interesting day at NEPA offices in the Ikeja area. Will write about it when the day is done.

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