Wednesday, October 05, 2011

On Mikel's fine

Samson Siasia fined John Mikel Obi $5000 for coming to camp late. Some people feel that the fine is uncalled for given that Mikel's family

When Mikel had an apparently worse family situation i.e during the kidnap of his father, Chelsea gave him a leave but he didn't accept it.

At the onset of whatever family issue he has now, he had the opportunity to apply for a leave and dash home to see his folks but he didn't do that.

I believe that he chose an inauspicious time for this move. He's trying to kill two birds with one stone but in as much as Nigeria is paying for his air fare to and from the UK, he has the duty to comply with camp rules. SS is right on this.

I don't accept that Mikel should try to do to Nigeria what he couldn't do at Chelsea. His Chelsea team discipline should match that of the SE. Who remembers what Mourinho did to him when he was always late for team training? I guess it's not in public domain.

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Anonymous said...

i have no problem with the fine, but i believe that information should have been kept within the team. This distraction is the last thing the team needs at this time.