Saturday, July 25, 2009

How una see am?

NEXT is blazing the trail in taking the Pidgin English language online. Here a panel does a round up of the most read stories on the website in that language.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revising history

A few months ago I talked about the Asaba massacre of 1967. While he may not have been directly involved, the troops that perpetrated the massacre were under the overall command of Murtala Mohammed. A few years later, he went on the become Nigeria's Head of State, and his actions caused loads of misery.

I think it is one of those cases of historical irony that someone who did so much harm is so celebrated. But then again, history is full of such cases. Moses was a war criminal but is celebrated by Jews and Christians. Montgomery was a blunderbus but his statue occupies pride of place opposite Downing Street. Dzhugashvili, though a monster, brought his country from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, and was denounced soon after he died. Bush should be facing trial in the Hague...

In this article for NEXT, I tell the tale of Mr. Obimgbo who died thirty four years ago. He was the victim of what is in my opinion the most monumental mistake in Nigeria's history. One that we may never ever recover from...