Sunday, March 30, 2008

The safest OS

A laptop running a fully patched version of Microsoft's Vista operating system was the second and final machine to fall in a hacking contest that pitted the security of Windows, OS X and Ubuntu Linux. With both a Windows and Mac machine felled, only the Linux box remained standing following the three-day competition.

Shane Macaulay, who played a hand bringing down a Mac during last year's Pwn2Own contest, defeated the Vista machine using a previously unknown vulnerability in Adobe Flash. On final day of the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, Macaulay spent the better part of four hours trying to get the exploit to work. (The delay prompted one spectator to playfully dub the difficulty "hacktile dysfunction.")

A MacBook Pro running a fully patched version of Leopard was the first to drop out during day two of the race, when researchers from Independent Security Evaluators demonstrated a previously unknown vulnerability in Apple's Safari browser. With brand new boxes running both Ubuntu and Vista remaining, Macaulay spent day three switching back and forth between the two machines, trying to get his Flash exploit to execute properly. He was assisted by Alex Sotirov, a security researcher at VMware.

Initially thwarting Macaulay's efforts was the recently released Service Pack 1 for Vista, which he had neglected to install when testing the Flash exploit in the days leading up to the contest. Per the contest rules, each target machine had to be fully patched, and when the researcher first ran the code during the competition, new page protections added by Microsoft's security team prevented the exploit from properly executing.

"They had done some stuff in Vista to prohibit this form of attack from being successful on third party software," Macaulay said minutes after he finally commandeered the Fujitsu U810 laptop. "We had to do some porting to get around that issue."

Macaulay and Sotirov fashioned some javascript to circumvent the new measure, a feat that effectively allows them "to render that protection ineffective," Macaulay said.

It also allows them to pocket a $5,000 bounty from Tipping Point's Zero Day Initiative and keep the pricey Fujitsu laptop. Macaulay said he would probably sell the machine, which he and Sotirov autographed with a black Sharpie pen, on eBay.

Under contest rules, qualifying exploits on day one had to target default installations of the operating system itself and winners were allowed to walk away with the hacked box and a $20,000 bounty. Contest organizers gradually expanded the eligible attack surface on days two and three by allowing an vulnerabilities in an increasing number of third party applications. The bounty dropped to $10,000 on day 2 and $5,000 on day three. No one bothered competing on day one.

Plenty of commentators have made hay of the MacBook Pro being the first to exit the race, and Linux zealots are sure to conclude the contest results prove the superiority of that platform. Maybe. But that's not how it looks to Macaulay, who says with a few hours of tweaking, his exploit will also work on OS X and Linux.

The better take-away is that exploits like these are a fact of life for everyone no matter what kind of machine they choose (are you listening, Mac Guy?). Another lesson: just as quickly as Microsoft or any other developer adds new measures like page protection to their code base, hackers, ethical and otherwise, are find ways to work around them.

"Nobody can do anything about it, because you're always going to be installing something" that will bypass security, Macaulay, who wore torn blue jeans and a Puma jogging jacket, said with a shrug. "If it's not Java, it'll be something else."


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Training day

I'm on training in a rather picturesque town called Chandlers Ford. I should have brought my camera...

Speaking of...

I've been hearing good things about Lagos state governor Tunde Fasola and his attempts to bring some sanity to that area which comfortably qualifies (in my opinion at least) as the most insane point on Earth. If just half of what I hear is true, then the man does have good ideas. However, permit me to maintain my doubts, and for good reason too. Fasola's predecessor in Alausa began well also, and appeared to work during his first term in office. This was one good reason why in 2003 he was the only Afenifere candidate (some call it AD) to retain his gubernatorial seat. Unfortunately, his second term was largely spent 'chopping' although again, some work was done, but it was nowhere near the pace of work in his first term, and he (like the bros in Aso Rock) became a master of the excuse...

Fasola may have excellent ideas for improving the state of things in Lagos, but the task is daunting. The fact that Lagos is looking for some money to commence the construction of a rail system in the state is excellent news for example, (remember this article?) and after the headache of construction, the BRT scheme has finally taken off. It is an effort to provide an organised bus system for commuters, modelled after the Bus Lanes here in London. It is a good thing on paper, but would the notoriously impatient Lagos driver respect it? Remember this article about driving in Lagos...

However there are two bits of news that I have recently heard about the man that have me wondering if all is well, first one is that he intends to install surveillance cameras all over Lagos. Permit me to ask why the man is wearing the shoes before the socks. I live in London, and I've lived here for almost two years now. I have my picture taken an average of 300 times on each day that I leave my flat, yet in the period that I've been living here, crime has gone up by almost 80%! This rise in crime coincides with a drop in police recruitment, and a rise in installation of surveillance cameras. Aside from the fact that the cameras won't change much, the cameras themselves would be at risk from the notoriously kleptomaniac Nigerian public. Imagine in a country where railings are stolen off of bridges because of 'poverty', and as far as I can remember, no one has as yet been brought to book for that. In this same country government property is routinely vandalised, and people have a mentality of sharing the 'national cake' at any given opportunity even at the risk of their own lives! Those cameras would be stolen.

And we haven't even talked of the downtime they'd experience given NEPA's parlous state.

That $16 billion

Talking about NEPA's parlous state brings me nicely to the missing money. It all started innocuously when Mr. Yar'Adua mentioned that $10 billion had been blown away in the power sector during the last administration. Further investigations by the House of Reps have revealed that the amount 'frittered' away to be more around the $16 billion mark!

To be honest, I still can't really find the mouth to talk about this one, I am that shocked. However, there is a dire need for the Nigerian public not to take this one lying down. Whilst in a lot of other countries, power is indeed a problem, in those other countries you can plan around the power issue. In Nigeria on the other hand, you can't. And what is so disgusting about this thing was that Rtd. Gen. Obasanjo spent a good deal of time hypocritically exhorting his 'subjects' to be 'good citizens'. I have written about him and his corrupt dalliances before, so we can add this to the list of Obasanjo's sins which I published in that article...

Corruption in high places

Speaking of hypocritical politicians, I have maintained for a while now that the problem with Nigerian politicians is simply one of greed and lack of class. If you want to see corruption, the come to this part of the world and see what politicians get up to. One difference between the UK and Naija however is that the journalists here have a voice, and a strong one for that matter, unlike in Naija where they are either too dumb to ask the right questions, or too easily bought off, or both.

The current scandal in the British parliament again bears me out on the amazing level of corruption -and hypocrisy, in the British government. What is happening is very simple: an attempt has been made to get the MPs to publish their excess expenditures (remember the furniture allowance saga from some years ago back home?). These excess expenditures are picked up by the British taxpayer (and I'm one of those). Now the MPs have gone to court to try and prevent the release of those figures. According to them, releasing the figures would compromise the security of the members of parliament.

Guess who would pay the bill for the MPs legal challenge? You guessed it, the same tax payer who is being prevented from seeing how his money is being spent! Utter bollocks if I've ever seen one. And later Transparency International would open their arses and say that we are corrupt. Liars all of them...

Speaking of liars

The Law has an excellent one on Madame Clinton's latest gaff. I mean wasn't she thinking when she was blowing the initial tata? I know that I have blown my own tata on more than one occasion in my life so far, but as I grew up, I discovered that the golden rule of tata blowing is this: only blow tata that can never be independently verified. Truth is a difficult thing to stick with, and any hypocrite who criticizes Dame Clinton for blowing a big one, is just that, a hypocrite. The woman's only offence here is that she was caught red-handed. George Bush and Tony Blair for example were caught lying only after they had achieved what they wanted to achieve, but how is that different? In short theirs is even worse because their own lies have resulted in a lot of death and misery.

Having said all that, I would be terribly disappointed if Barack Obama doesn't make use of this rather valuable tool of character assassination. She just gave it to him on a plate, and as far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as a saint in politics.


A model of womanhood indeed...

Speaking of models

There is a rather interesting picture of a certain Madame Carla Bruni-Sakorzy in circulation. I took the liberty of hosting it somewhere 'safe' just in case someone powerful decides to have them removed from places that are not exactly within my sphere of control. You can view the picture here. Warning: don't view at work.

The picture was taken during her modelling days by photographer Michel Comte in 1993, and it will go under the hammer at an auctioneer's in New York next month. It is expected to fetch upwards of £2000. The story is that she is angry that the auctioneers chose the eve of herself and her husband's state visit to the UK to release the picture, but then again, she can't be that naive. It was released now simply because she is the wife of the President of France. Has she remained an 'insignificant' model, photos of her naked self would never command the interest (and price) that they command now. No one in his right mind would pay £2000 for a full frontal nude of Oluchi Onweagba...

This is should serve as a lesson to young girls. Consider your behaviour now, not leave it too late! Anything you say or do can come back and bite you, especially with the internet these days.

I had a lot more to say, but I have to go off and prepare for work. Do have a nice day y'all.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Breaking news!!!

We just raped the filth in their own den.

I'm too happy to give my own thoughts of the wonderful event, so look it up at Channel 4 and Goal.

:: Goals ::

0-1 Camoranesi (Min 50)
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0-2 Trezeguet (Min 63)
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1-2 Maniche (Min 83)
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:: Extras ::

Del Piero Chance (Min 7)
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Stankovic Header (Min 18)
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Chivu Free Kick (Min 34)
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Del Piero Chance (Min 81)
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All The Small Things

'If Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination, y'all would have front row seats to watch the greatest case of character assassination since Joan of Arc'
---Chxta to Talatu-Carmen, a few months ago

As a result of past experiences in my life, I have a rather unshakeable cynicism on a lot of issues, both personal and otherwise. Thus it was that a few months ago I declared, and in more than one place, that Barack Obama will not be the man to fill the vacancy coming up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. I still stand by that view. I have tried to avoid commenting on the US elections here, but the sad fact is this: whoever moves into that building will make decisions that will affect me, and just about every other geezer strutting about on this mortal coil.

I believe that of the current field of politicians vying for that position, that Obama is actually the best of the lot, and I would be happy if he wins, but my reservations are drawn out of very simple reasoning. For starters, every human being (even the Pope) has some dirt on him. And Barack Obama has no reason to be different. The problem is that like Nigerian politics, American politics is very vicious, and there would be no shortage of people willing to dig up whatever dirt they can find on Obama, and THEY WILL FIND IT. I can only imagine what will happen if/when Chxta decides to run for President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Every single person that Chxta jobbed whilst he was in UNIBEN (and there are quite a few of them), would probably want to sell details of those schemes to Chxta's opponents. I must sound out a warning to potential opponents now: Chxta will not be afraid of going into the gutter. I am not high-minded like a certain mulatto presidential candidate in America in 2008...

The problem with Obama himself starts from the fact that he spent a reasonable portion of his childhood being educated in a madrassa in Indonesia! While that in itself is not a bad thing, someone somewhere is going to play on American paranoia and point to this Jesuit quote, "Give me a boy until he is seven, and I will give you the man.". With the media machinery available to these guys, there is no end to the amount of creative spin that they can put on Obama's 'mysterious' past. The fact that a 'respected' (respected in quote because I don't respect them) network like CNN mistakenly spelt Obama's name as Osama once upon a time only gives a sniff of the different species of rabbit that these guys are going to pull out from their hats if/when the time comes. The fact that the man's pastor has chosen not to keep his trap firmly shut only complicates matters. Note the difference in the reporting slant by the Telegraph (UK newspaper) on the one hand, and Fox and even more provocative, ABC on another. Then tell me who the American public would listen to.

Obama's problems aren't even restricted to his opposition from the other party. His 'own' people are slinging as much mud as they can at him, and I am referring here to the people behind Hillary Clinton, especially her husband former prez Bill. What these guys seem to have forgotten is that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and Bill has forgotten that once upon a time (probably in the throes of ecstasy) he allegedly told a certain Gennifer Flowers that, 'Hillary has eaten more pussy than I have.'

The allegations that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian have been around for a long time, and should she win the Democratic nomination (or should Obama decide to step out of the clouds and into the sewer like the rest of us), those allegations would surface again, and probably with some evidence as well. For crying out loud, only a few days ago, and article appeared in the New York Daily News which allege that Hillary was home during Bill's trysts with a certain Monica Lewinsky. Now, I know that there are men (I've heard such stories in Naija) who don't mind "cabling" the house-help while Madam is downstairs making dinner, then coming downstairs with same house-help to eat dinner. The thrust of this article I've linked to appears to sympathise with Hillary as the victimised wife, but this particular set of clay given to another potter can be typecast to mean that she didn't mind her husband cabling someone else because she wasn't about to give him some. The name Huma Abedin may become world famous depending on which way the Democratic primaries go.

All these stories coming out from the Democratic camp can only help to make the Republican candidate stronger. Mr. McCain has already proved that like the outgoing occupant of the White House, he isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Only a few days ago, the man showed glimpses that he would also be a warmonger by accusing Iran of backing al-Qaeda in Iraq. I mean, Iran is Shiite, al-Qaeda is Sunni, and both factions get along with the same level of brotherhood as Cain and Abel did. Luckily for the senile geezer, Joe Lieberman was there to cover his tracks. For any discerning person, this should show up very clearly that McCain would be quite incapable of handling American foreign policy. What America needs now is someone who as well as handling domestic issues is adept at foreign issues especially as China is going to overtake America as the world's largest economy within such a person's first term. By the way, why have China's human rights record and Tibet suddenly become so important in the run in to the Olympics? I guess that is gist for another day.

Ultimately, the increasingly bitter infighting amongst the Democrats would achieve two things: it would leave the person with the nomination significantly weaker, and give the McCain campaign an almost unlimited amount of ammunition to use against that person. The Republicans are not known to shirk back from wading into the gutter if they have to, and I don't see how Obama can last much longer without taking off his suit and getting into the gutter for a little bolekaja with 'Billary'. Again people tend to think that winning the US elections is mainly about sweeping the delegate rich states of New York and California. As George Bush Jr. proved, it is not (I will miss that guy by the way!). Another thing that some bright spark Republican campaigner will point to soon enough is that whilst Dubya's record on the economy is not so inspiring, the policies of liberalisation which have resulted in the word 'subprime' being added to the English dictionary were actually instituted during the presidency of Hillary's husband. Dubya probably only just accelerated them by his wars without end. At the end of the day, Middle America is still very conservative, and coupled with the fact that Obama on the one hand is not 100% white, whilst Clinton is a female, there are so many other fears for the most unscrupulous Republican campaigners to play on to that significant albeit quiet majority, and they will play on them. Remember that like in Nigeria, the people who are keenest to vote in the US are the lower-middle class and below, and as 2000 proved, the non-whites amongst them could easily be disenfranchised.

Is it too early to say 'Good day President McCain.'?

All hail the Guv'nor

To some extent I haven't been following what has been happening back home since the beginning of this month. You see, whenever I do get home after a hard day's work, I am often so knackered that I simply slump into bed and drift away until 0630 hours the next morning when that blasted alarm wakes me up. I think a better solution might just be to take the alarm time back to 0530 say, so I can spend an hour updating myself on the events back home before leaving my flat.

In any event, I spent a good chunk of yesterday bringing myself up to speed on the events back home, and in other places around the world. I must say that I am extremely pleased at the events in my home state, Edo. I must warn that it would take a while for the new Oshiomole administration to click into gear, especially as I don't expect the guy who was holding the keys to Dennis Osadebe Avenue for its rightful occupant to just waltz away from all that potential coins without a fight, and this fight would of course happen in the courts. In any event, the removal of governors who were so obviously rigged into power sends out a nice albeit incomplete message to would be riggers in the future: if you must rig at least do not do it so blatantly as to end up disenfranchising the people who come out to vote. Another good thing that would come out of it is that the 'new' governor, in an effort to 'protect' his position would in all probability work his arse off. An uncle of mine told me that there was absolutely no hold up in Onitsha during the Christmas holiday, reason: Peter Obi has taken time to do what his predecessors found impossible to do and repair the roads. Maybe we are finally beginning to see the dividends of democracy...

I don't want to talk about the missing $16 billion yet as I am still in shock!


I spent three hours of my life yesterday watching an interesting Nollywood movie titled Unfinished Business. A few months back I would never have imagined that I would use the words 'Nollywood' and 'interesting' in the same sentence and in a positive sense, but Desmond Elliot (where the hell did he get such a name from?) and Genevieve Nnaji proved me wrong last night, and for the first time in living memory, Patience Ozorkwor was not typecast as the quarrelsome mother-in-law type. This movie was interesting, even if the story line was a bit corny and for the most part times predictable. It centred around Elliot as Donald Eze, a rich boy, and Nnaji as Nkem Orlu, a poor girl (does it get more stereotyped?) who fall in love during his Youth Service. He returns home and is forced to marry a similarly rich girl for the sake of his father's business (that shit happens a lot in Naija, and off of the top of my head I can name a few I know of personally). Somewhere along the line, poor girl moves to 'Lagos', and is hired by (surprise, surprise) rich boy's mum, then (surprise again?) they meet, and rekindle their affair. Eventually things unravel and his marriage ends and rich boy, poor girl live happily ever after.

All good, the acting was realistic, the cinematography was decent, but the script writer could have done a lot better. One of the reasons I have avoided Nollywood movies for a long time is because I can almost always predict the next scene with 100% accuracy, and with the exception of the point where Eze's wife wasn't conveniently killed off, things were no different here. Anyway, props to them. They did well. I must also mention the name of the director, Lancelot Imasuen. He did a decent job, however, the setting was criminal, especially to someone like me wey chop dog leg. You see, I like to believe that if you show me panoramic views of the following Nigerian towns, Abuja, Asaba, Benin, Enugu, Lagos, Onitsha and Warri, I will be able to tell you exactly where you are with a reasonable degree of accuracy. So I was pissed off when Nkem made an emergency call from the front of SPC, Asaba, and said that she was in Adeniyi Jones, Lagos! For crying out loud...

Juve watch

Today is the day that we meet the merda again. The Inter pieces of merda come into this game with yet another suspension, putting their midfield in jeopardy. Whining Mancini brought Pele into the starting eleven after traitor Vieira felt a pain in his left hamstring (I hope his leg falls off), and had to play attacking midfielder Santiago Solari in an unfamiliar holding role when the Portugeezer Pele was dismissed for two first half yellows in their midweek game at Genoa. Suddenly the squad that was so deep after stealing players from just about everyone else looks bare. Against Genoa, playing some crisp and incisive one-touch football which ultimately led to David Suazo’s goal on the counter-attack. But as so often this season, indiscipline cost Inter and they came under such a siege that the Alamo looked like Disneyland.

Sadly, we haven't played that well recently, and against Empoli in the midweek, we couldn't even get a shot on target. This aganst the team with the second worst home record in Serie A! We need this game to keep the distance between us and Fiorentina in fourth at least a respectable four points. Champions League football next season is a must, and that would guarantee that our bedraggled squad gets a lot more players for next season. I'll be ecstatic if Giorgio can repeat what he did last time round and pocket that cow-faced cunt Zlatan from the off.


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Please can someone help me talk some sense into The Law?

Of course it isn't Friday, but since tomorrow is a holiday, it all counts. I am sitting in an office overlooking the Thames, i.e if I jump out of the window, I will drown rather than break my head. I am bored to death, and it is at times like this that one realises that even in the most happy of jobs there must be off days. After the excitement of the last one calendar week, this is one of those off days. My employers provide IT services for various firms in and around
The City of London, and one of these firms (who pay my employer an obscene amount for services rendered) insist that on the last day of every week an engineer must come in and sit with them. To check up on all non-emergency stuff that may have gone wrong during the course of the week, rectify them and if possible, do a bit of troubleshooting. Fair enough at first glance, but the problem is that as far as the workers here are concerned, things that may have gone wrong include printers which do not print only for one to get to that printer and find that someone turned it off and forgot to turn it back on. About an hour ago I got back from helping some cute female (I was staring more at her than at what I was meant to be doing) to edit her PowerPoint slideshow! This is grossly different from what I am meant to be doing for my employer, but as the old saying goes, he who pays the piper dictates the tune, and since these guys pay my employer so much...

It has been fun thus far working with guys who have forgotten more about computers than I have learned, and racking up the miles as well. Today was the first day I saw what my office looks like since Monday of last week, and the schedule in all that time has been packed full. I almost died last Tuesday while returning from an outfield trip. The plane had an extremely rocky landing in the high winds that were blowing across the UK that day. Such events lets you into a fundamental difference in the psyche of Naija people on the one hand, and the heathens that inhabit this island on the other. You see, when I went on my last trip on behalf of Itex back in Naija, the plane encountered a bit of turbulence, and instantly became a place of religious worship. Last Tuesday when we almost crashlanded into the runway at Gatwick Airport, the plane became a sailor's lodge, and I had to wash out my ears with soap when I got home...

To be continued when I get home, one of the staffers here calls. I wonder if her computer can start.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

God or Mammon

Currently living out of a bag. Spent the entirety of last week on the move, and it is very much the same this. Meanwhile enjoy this one sent by Texazz...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun stuff

For the first time in a long time I heard Dolly Parton's Jolene. Again the question that has haunted me for the best part of two decades surfaced: Dolly Parton is single handedly responsible for so many guys being introduced to Mrs. Hand and her five daughters. So if such a blonde, buxom Tennessee bombshell can feel so threatened by this Jolene character, such that she had to put it in song to beg Jolene, what must this Jolene be? What would I not give to at least get to see this Jolene?

What is it about this country (the UK that is) that makes it so that the moment the slightest breeze blows there is a transportation meltdown? Imagine if there are real tropical storms here such as the one I photographed almost two years ago?

I just came in from another work related out of London trip, and spent an undue amount of time on the platforms. Saw some funny things, heard some funny things, and had some funny memories. All the while people around me were moaning and bitching. I guess the training that I got all those years ago when I was working in Gateway Bank is beginning to pay dividends. For the sake of clarity, the training involved standing at the end of Ojuelegba Bridge every weekday morning waiting for buses headed to the Marina, then fighting one's way into any one of the few buses that deemed it fit to saunter along. By the way, moaning and bitching is such a British national pastime, I guess that is why so many Naija people feel so much at home here...

This morning as I was waiting for the late train from Waterloo, I saw this very cute child running around unrestrained as Brit kids are wont to do. Then the child (my guess would be that she is about four) stopped briefly in front of me and I smiled. She smiled back and then laughed. Next thing the mother runs along and picks her tot up then screams at the child, "You fucking idiot. How many times have I told you not to run around on me in London. Never get out of my sight. Do you want to be picked up by a paedophile?"
It is depressing where this paedophile thing in this country is headed...

Another interesting incident happened to me about three weeks or thereabouts back. This one made me feel seriously threatened, and very paternal at the same time. What happened was that I walked into a bus, and a very young child in his/her (I can't tell which) pram saw me and began screaming the following at me, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!". You see, the child wasn't screaming at me in terror or fear, but in sheer delight. He/She was smiling and jumping towards me in his/her buggy while calling me daddy! Problem is that aside from his/her mother who was behind the buggy, the child's father was in the bus too. Beside the mother, and the man didn't find it funny at all. I mean, it would have been easier for me if the parents (and child) were white or Asian, but they were as black as I am. The look the man gave me spoke of torture and murder, not just for me, but for his woman who looked so scared and confused. I myself had to come down at the very next bus stop. All the while the child kept screaming, and smiling at me, calling me daddy! My thoughts still reside with the mother of that baby...

In the meanwhile I told y'all about my new job a few days back. Sorry I can't really describe it in-depth, but I must say that thus far it looks good. The recruitment process was a little rigorous as I had to pass a test first, then interview with first a Technical Manager who happens to be my boss, then when I passed that, I had to interview with the Operations Manager and Sales Manager. After that, I was called in to speak with the MD in an Adenuga kind of arrangement (I wonder whether Mike still does that now that he is no longer resident in Naija). I hope that the MD of my company (I won't name the company if you don't mind,) doesn't get to read this anytime soon, but I must admit that I told two *ahem* untruths *ahem* during my chat with him: when I walked into his office, I noticed an Arsenal mug, so during the course of the interview, I let it slip that I am an Arsenal fan. I think he liked me even more after that. Also during the interview, he asked me what I thought of the software wars, and I made it clear to him that while I use Linux and Open Source software out of an academic interest, that my main platform of choice is Windows. You see, during my research into the company, I found that they are in partnership with Micro$oft (and some M$ partners) in quite a few projects. He also asked what I thought of software piracy, and my response to that was something along the lines of pirates having a need to burn in Hades. I got the job as you all know. By the way, on the day I started, my boss made it clear to me that I was not the best in the selection test, but I had done just enough to secure an interview. Apparently the guy who came tops didn't even get to the level of meeting the Operations Manager. The portion of the test that I flunked was Microsoft's Active Directory. I have some work to do don't I? Meanwhile in real life I remained with my kini and removed Windows from the computer I acquired just yesterday...

It's off to bed for me now. I am travelling again tomorrow.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Chxta saw that picture somewhere and Chxta loves it.

It's been an incredible week for Chxta, started at a new job on Monday, and it has been a whirlwind week, travelling up and down, getting to know clients and all sorts. In one week at this firm, Chxta has been to four UK towns which Chxta wouldn't have gone to otherwise. Next week Chxta already has two trips scheduled. Sorry, Chxta can't give a job description here as Chxta's contract (and the nature 0f the job) prohibits that, what Chxta can tell you is that the experience that Chxta stands to gain from this is out of this world. Two entities stand to benefit from this when Chxta is ready: Naija and Chxta's wallet. Coming soon to a theatre near you...

Speaking of theatres, would someone be so kind as to explain the movie No Country For Old Men to me? I have seen it twice now and still can't make sense of it. It won the Oscar for best movie, so there is something in it that I am simply not getting...

There's a new blog on the line, and those of you who would love to learn more about Nigerian history would do well to bookmark this one. Excellent resource complete with videos, links to archive material, et cetera. Max Siollun has done a wonderful job here and it is well worth commending him.

For Chxta, it's back to bed now. Want to continue that nice dream Chxta was having...