Friday, August 10, 2007

Thank God it's Friday!

I have just survived what can only be described as the most hectic week I've undergone since I came to this land. I had a terrible weekend just past as far as sleep is concerned, and yes, I know that I have myself to blame, so please don't point it out.

It is summer, and as a result it is the sales season. That means that the Birkenstock websites need to be updated at a rate of insert expletive here. I only really had some respite from all that work today, so I was able to spend time doing other things such as maintaining the server. Speaking of servers, there was a minor scare on Wednesday afternoon as the Windows server appeared to shut itself down. I powered it and after doing some checks I found that it had been set (not by me) to automatically download and install updates at 1500 hours every Wednesday. This time around, Microsoft sent an update that made the yeye thing to shut down. Rather interesting the looks I got when people's Outlook inboxes all stopped working. To cap it all up, I had moved house the day before, so I was dog tired.

Speaking of my new place, I am sharing a flat with a fellow from Sierra Leone, and his chic and child. Nice couple and the baby is so cute. He still can't stand yet, but is extremely active, crawling into any and everything. My flat is located in the Tulse Hill area of South London, not too far from Brixton (shivers). Maybe I owe black people an apology for implying that they are complacent when it comes to reporting issues to the appropriate authorities for fixing. This is because of what happened this week.

The day after I moved, I returned from work and discovered that the lift had stopped working. When I got up (after climbing enough stairs, I am so unfit), I asked M (flat mate) what the problem was. His response was that they had only installed a new lift recently, so he was surprised as well. The next day, lift still wasn't working, so when I got to work I called Lambeth to lodge a complaint. The engineer on duty was in shock. According to her, this was the first time since she started working there that someone had ever called to complain about a fault from that estate. In any event, the lift has been fixed (after two more calls). Now this estate is mixed race, so I can not say it is a problem with just black people. However, I must point out that this kind of complacency is what makes things go bad in so many places, Nigeria included. For crying out loud, there is a phone number just outside the lift indicating where to call in case of a fault. M says that the last time there was a fault with the lift, it was left untouched for over three months until inspectors came around! This mentality of 'public property is no man's property' is terrible. Maybe I should get a lock and key to that lift, since it was my money that was spent listening to that horrible Bach while they put me on hold before I got through to the engineer. After all, according to the area boy mentality, I am now the odionwere of the lift. Sadly though, if I get a lock and key for that lift, I may end up with a knife in my back. Too many children on this estate, and in Britain, that is scary...The above picture I think is an apt description of what the British government is doing. I really don't understand this story about black kids needing role models. What is a role model really? Simply put, a role model is a person who serves as a model in a particular behavioural or social role for another person to emulate. For me all that gibberish simply means that every child should have quite a number of role models, however the most important role models for a child should be his parents, no questions asked. The real problem, and it is not just restricted to the black community, is that the parental structure in this country especially amongst the lower strata of society is no longer existent. It all started back in the early 1980s when Meg Thatcher pushed through legislation that effectively took parenting out of the hands of parents, and placed it in the hands of the government. Since then things have gone from bad to worse, as a parent can't properly discipline his kids, and to make matters worse, young girls are actively rewarded for getting pregnant early. The implication of this is that you now have three generations of children who have raised children, with the resultant loss of parental discipline. Vicious cycle really. Blaming everything on rap music just doesn't fly.

Recommended watching: Children's Fight Club.


The week just ending was a very interesting one in Naija...

There was that excellent move by Yar'Adua in 'curtailing' the EFCC. The overall effect of that move and other such moves would be a reduction of the powers of the presidency, which as we saw under Uncle Sege is easily turned into a dictatorship.

I am happy that Kupolpkun has been axed. I wonder what Makonju is still doing hanging around though...

I hear that Christian fundamentalists have joined in the ban the trousers craze.

Port Harcourt is on fire. Texazz who would have probably furnished me with details is on training somewhere, so I have to wait. Unfortunately, I don't think peace will return to that place any time soon. It can only get worse. Think of how other places where there have been a proliferation of weapons in the hands of drugged up thugs, then compromised politicians, and you will see where Port Harcourt is going to. Lagos for example has simply gone from bad to worse as more criminals lay their hands on better weapons. Remember Ajah? Such a sad story...

Juve watch

Inter beat us in a pre season friendly.

I'm off to bed to make up for lost sleep.


Nilla said...


Nilla said...

I have to have optimism that peace would return to Portharcourt.

Boso said...

MS Auto updates are a pain on a server and should be avoided at all costs. It's an easy mistake to make though, it's happened to me too, although I suspect in your situation, you inherited the problem.

Bea said...

So sad to hear about Juve's loss. Ha!

I have to admit you do speak a lot of truths when it comes to complacency and parenting is this country. Everything seems so lax and uninspiring.

PS. It's Bea btw.

Anonymous said...


U normally dissect Juve matches to pieces. but what do I get here?

Just one line, almost completely hidden away; Inter beat us in a pre season friendly.


Chxta said...

I've never hidden that I'm a fan. Truth be told, Inter beating us at any level nowadays (even if it is a squad of Itire boys wearing Inter jerseys beating a squad of Jibowu boys wearing Juve jerseys) would be a sad experience.

By the way, we deyed Roma 5-2 on Saturday night...