Friday, July 13, 2007

Success has many fathers

This is taken from today's Metro newspaper, emphases are mine...

Two British girls accused of smuggling cocaine worth £300,000 out of Ghana insisted on Thursday they were set up.

Yasemin Vatansever and Yatunde Diya, who face at least ten years in prison if convicted, said they were tricked by two boys they met in London.

The 16-year-olds claimed they had no idea there were drugs in the laptop bags they were carrying when they were arrested at Accra airport.

Yasemin said: 'It was basically like a set-up. They didn't tell us nothing, we didn't think nothing, because, basically, we are innocent. We don't know nothing about this drugs and stuff. We don't know nothing.'

The girls told their parents they were going on a school trip to France when they left their homes in Islington, North London, on June 26.

In fact, they headed to Ghana, where their living expenses were being paid for them. They say they were offered £3,000 each to bring back the bags.

But, as they tried to join a British Airways flight back to London on July 2, they were spotted behaving suspiciously by customs officials, who found 6.5kg (14lb) of cocaine in their bags.

Yasemin, the London-born daughter of Cypriot immigrants, and Yatunde, who is of Nigerian descent, have been 'provisionally charged' with smuggling.

Speaking from prison in Ghana, Yasemin said: 'Two boys gave us bags in Ghana to bring to London, to give to a boy in London. We never thought anything bad was inside.'

The girls' families say the pair are not being given proper food, have had all their clothes taken away and are in cells with adult prisoners.

If convicted, the penalties for trafficking in Ghana are severe and there is no agreement which allows prisoners to serve their sentences in Britain.

Reminds one of the time when Linford Christie was caught up in a doping scandal, overnight he shifted from being British, to being the son of West Indian immigrants. Lewis Hamilton and Lemar Obika had better watch out...

And to pre-empt some people: I don't blame the Brits for apparently trying to distance themselves from these girls, it is only human behaviour. When things like this happen, everyone's natural instinct is to duck for cover.


uknaija said...

'It was basically like a set-up. They didn't tell us nothing, we didn't think nothing, because, basically, we are innocent. We don't know nothing about this drugs and stuff. We don't know nothing.'

Sounds like something from Little Britain

La Reine said...

Lol @ uknaija,
sounds abit like a theatre performance.

People do this, the distance themselves when you mess up, and align with you when you do good.

Akin said...

And these kids go to schools in the UK and end up with such rotten sentences?

Double negatives - and the worst indictment of them is "We didn't think nothing"

How smart do you have to be to know that someone offering you a cheap holiday and GBP 3,000 to bring something back in a bag from Ghana is expecting something and you should be thinking something is seriously fishy?

Utterly dumb girls and better off the streets - shame their names make them easy to disown in terms of kinship and they might not get enough sympathetic help.

More so, you cannot be so deceptive to your parents and now play innocent - France is a long way from Ghana - it really is.

kulutempa said...

my heart still sinks every time i see a nigerian name linked to a crime. initially, i was hoping the "yatunde" spelling meant she was from benin or something, but alas, it was not meant to be.

that being said, she is exuding some very british mannerisms, because a true naija girl would have thought twice, and twice more, about that 3000 pound exchange. what sort of IDIOT doesn't ask questions about something so obviously fishy? i won't accept a concert ticket from a dodgy-looking fellow, not to talk of an all-expenses paid trip that requires me to lie to my caregivers!

i won't say they deserve what they got, because no one deserves to be deceived. maybe the ghanaian government will have mercy on their dumb asses. and, hey, at least they're still being called british...for now.

Atutupoyoyo said...

Poor, naive girls. You can bet that the Ghanaian government will not so much as throw the book at them but stone them repeatedly with it.

Kufour's administration is relentless and the joke is that Ghanaians now run to Nigeria to commit their crimes.

Sad how a daft decision can alter the course of one's life.

classybabe said...

Greed blinded these girls to the truth,they were paid 3,000 pounds each and they thought nothing of it?
They really sounded like Vicky pollard-yeah but no but

Dami said...

good for them! i cant believe they are already talking about how harsh the prison is over there, though i wish their parent could be swapped for allowing their kids go on some stupid trip without following up

pamelastitch said...

i find it fascinating that the media suddenly remembered that yatunde is of nigerian descent.

Those kids knew what was going down. They are not innocent....

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