Thursday, November 30, 2006

Setting up a wireless connection in Ubuntu Linux

Nosa this is for you...

Now since you are just installing Ubuntu for the first time, I believe that you are using Gnome as your Window Manager. To configure the network, you click on the menu as follows: System>Administration>Networking.

That will open the network dialogue.

Now, by default, all the network interfaces are not configured. The default interface for your wired connection is eth0, the default interface for your wireless connection is eth1, while that for your modem should be ppp0. You click on the wireless, and then click properties. That should bring up the dialogue below:

Once you've filled in your SSID (network name) and WEP key (if there is one), then you have to make sure that you have the correct IP address. If there is no IP address, leave it on DHCP which is the default. If there is, change the configuration to Static Address, and input your IP address in the fields provided. Then check the Enable this connection box at the top left hand corner of the dialogue. After you've clicked OK, you are ready to go.

Now, if you are using KDE, or Kubuntu, there is an even easier way to go about it. Just look for KWifi-Manager in your Internet Menu...

Then run it. Click the Scan for Network button. That would give you the names of all the available networks in the yard, so you can easily connect. Maybe when your hand is strong we could put you through on using Airsnort to join WEP encrypted networks.

So, enjoy and happy browsing.

Window Managers in Linux

Another question that usually arises with Linux and one which haunts Windows users frequently is that of hardware requirements needed to run an OS.

'What are the minimum system requirements to run Ubuntu?'

'Will my 4 year old computer run the latest version of Ubuntu?'

The answer is Yes it can. The question then becomes how? The answer to that is this: chose the best X Window Manager and/or desktop environment for your system.

What is a Window Manager?

An X window manager is a piece of software that controls the placement and appearance of programs under the X Window System which is a windowing system mainly used on Unix-like systems such as Linux or Free BSD. Unlike Window$ and the Mac which provide a fixed set of ways to control how your display acts, and as a result how you interact with your OS, window management for the X Window System is deliberately kept separate from the software providing the graphical display (the Desktop Environment).

You can choose between various third-party window managers, which differ from one another in several ways, including: customizability of appearance and functionality; text menus used to start programs and/or change options docks and other graphical ways to start programs multiple desktops and virtual desktops (desktops larger than the physical monitor size); and pagers to switch between them consumption of memory and other system resources degree of integration with a desktop environment, which provides a more complete interface to the operating system, and provides a range of integrated utilities and applications.

The implication of this is that some Window managers are 'light-weight', others are 'heavy'. Some are 'ugly', others are 'beautiful'. As we know from experience with Window$, the more add-ons you have for aesthetic purposes, the more system resources you need just to run the system.

What is a Desktop Environment?

This is simply the GUI, so in layman terms the Window Manager and the Desktop Environment are the same. They are intertwined. But we have to note that in technical terms, there are specific software that are made for specific desktop environments, for example KStars, was made strictly for KDE, though I have run it in Gnome, similarly, the GIMP was made with Gnome in mind, but runs fine in KDE.

Some of the more popular Desktop Environments include Gnome, KDE, XFCE, FluxBox and BlackBox. With KDE and Gnome being the most popular.

Personally, I use KDE on my Ubuntu, but Ubuntu comes with Gnome by default. If you have an older system, I would recommend XFCE as I can confirm that it runs excellently on older hardware. I tested it using Ubuntu 5.10 on a Pentium II 360 MHz, 128 MB system, and the performance in terms of boot time, time taken to execute tasks and general system usage was better than that of a Pentium III 1 GHz, 384 MB system that was running Windows XP in the same room. But then that may be an unfair comparison as Windows and Linux are different. I have heard that BlackBox is also very good for older systems, but I am yet to give it a run.

If you are interested in aesthetics and functionality, I would hand you over to KDE without a backward glance. For the aesthetics part, I heard that IceWM is pretty good too.

So how do we install various Window Managers in Ubuntu?

You need an internet connection. Then you open the terminal, then you type:

$ sudo aptitude update

This would bring your system up to date, and depending on your connection speed shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes.

To install KDE, the command to type is

$ sudo aptitude install kde-core

This will install KDE just as a Window Manager, or else you risk changing your distribution to Kubuntu instead. Personally, I have issues with Kubuntu which I will talk about some other time. The whole process should be done in under 10 minutes.

To install XFCE

$ sudo apt-get install xfce4

And so it follows.

Fluxbox for example is:

$ sudo apt-get install fluxbox

So once again based on the configuration of your system, there are different window managers out there for you. Try one and give one to a friend.

Uses of the word FUCK!

I have seen all the talk of politics. I will address all that soon.

This one was inspired by an email I received from someone very close to me. If you want to hear the actual sound file, you can download it here, and I assure you, you will have a very long laugh. Remember, since it is the Yousendit service, it is available for just 7 days, or 100 downloads, whichever comes first. Credit for this write up goes to Justin Sullivan.

The Fucking Disclaimer

If you are offended by the use of bad language fuck off now! Don't read all of this page and then say it annoys you.

FUCK is an international word. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, everyone knows exactly what you mean when you say "Fuck Off".
It's the atmosphere it creates, that's why you will never read something like:
"Fuck off", he hinted.

Grammatical Usage
In language, "fuck" falls into many grammatical categories, making it one of the most versatile words in the English language.
It can be used as a verb, both transitive (John fucked Jane) and intransitive (John and Jane fucked). It can be an active verb (John fucked Jane) or a passive verb (Jane was fucked by John). Or an adverb (Jane is a fucking bastard) and a noun (Jane is a terrific fuck). It can be used as an adjective (Jane is fucking beautiful).

Further Structures
As you can see there are few words with the versatility of "fuck". Besides its sexual connotations, this incredible word can be used to describe many situations.
"How the fuck are you?"
"I was fucked by the McDonalds Drive Through."
"Oh, fuck it."
"Well, I guess I'm fucked again."
"Fuck you!!!"
"Fuck me!!!"
Confusion, Curiosity or Disbelief
"What the fuck....?"
"I don't understand this fucking thing."
"Fucked again."
Good Job
"He fucks up everything."
"This fucking fucker is fucked."
"He's a fucking genius."
"Why don't you go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself?"
"What the fuck is going on?"
"Where the fuck are we?"
"Up your fucking ass!!!"
"He's just a fuck-off."
"Fuck ! that hurt."
"Oooooooh Fuuuuuuck"
"Do ya Fuck on first dates?"
Starting a relationship
"Let's fuck now!"
"Fucking hell what was that?"
"Nice fucking tits!"
Stupid person
"You Fuck!"
"Fuck that shit!"
"That's not fucking fair."
A poker hand
"A Royal Fuck."
Ignorant person
"I didn't fucking do it."
"I know fuck all about it."
"Who gives a fuck."
"What the fuck just happened?"
"Oh fuck it."
"Who the fuck are you?"
"Let's get the fuck out of here!"
"Fuck off."
"Let's fuck."
"I'm not so fucking sure."
Questioning Authority
"Who the fuck do you think you are?"
"Don't you dare fucking swear at me you fucking fucker."
Praising the Lord
"Jesus Fucking Christ."
I have a headache
"Go fuck yourself."
"Oh you can fuck right off."
Pissed off
"Fuck the fucking fuckers!"
Be quiet
"Shut the fuck up."
You're right
"Fucking oath." (Australianism)
"He's just bought a big, fuck-off Mercedes."
"She was wearing a pair of red leather, fuck-me boots."
"Fuckin' A."
"That was fucking amazing."
Oral sex after 30 years of marriage
"Fuck you!" (while passing each other in the hall)
"I don't give a fuck."
Bewilderment or Ignorance
"Fucked if I know."
"I'm gonna fuck you up!"
"Fuck off, fucker."
"For fuck's sake."
Pissed off
"Fuck you, you fucking fuck."
"It's ten-fucking-thirty already?"
Broken down motorcycle
"Sir, the fucking fucker has fucked up on me.
Professional appraisal of mechanical failure
"It's fucked."
Calling someone
"Oy, fuck face!"
"Fuck you very much."
Famous historical quotes
Never forget the words of these famous people.
General Custer
Where did all them fucking Indians come from?
Mayor of Hiroshima
"What the fuck was that?"
Captain of the Titanic
"Where's all the fucking water coming from?"
"You want me to paint what on the fucking ceiling?"
"Any fucker could understand that."
Sean Penn
"Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck"
John Lennon
"Is that a real fucking gun?"
Donald Campbell
"The fucking throttle is stuck."
Anne Boleyn
"Heads are going to fucking roll."
Richard Nixon
"Who's going to fucking know?"
Niki Lauda
"I thought I could fucking smell petrol."
Mark Thatcher
"What fucking map?"
"It does fucking look like her."
Christopher Columbus
"Where the fuck are we?"
Michael Jackson
"It's a fucking skin condition"and more recently "I told you I didn't fucking fuck him!"
"How the fuck did you work that one out?"
Walt Disney
"Fuck a duck."
Joan of Arc
"I don't suppose it will fucking rain."
George Bush
"Fcuk! I can't spell."
Miss Marples
"I haven't got a fucking clue."
"Scattered showers, my fucking arse."
Donald Trump
"You're fucking fired!"
Judge Judy
"Shut the fuck up!"
Paris Hilton
"Fuck me."
Ronald Regan to the Pope
"Yes it does fucking hurt."
Harold, Battle of Hastings 1066
"Watch him he'll have some fucker's eye out"
John F Kennedy
"Who needs that fucking bubble top?"
John F Kennedy
"I need this parade like I need a fucking hole in the head."
John F Kennedy Jr.
"What's wrong with this fucking altimeter?"
Bill Clinton
"I should have fucked her."
Hurricane Katrina
"Mardi Fuckin Gras this motherfuckers."
Leonardo da Vinci
"Call that a fucking smile?"
Sir Walter Raleigh
"That's another good cloack fucked!"
William Tell
"Keep Fucking Still."

Some readers have pointed out that there are also some real famous fuck quotes from historical figures, such as General George Patton who among other things is noted to have said:

"I don't give a fuck for a man who's not always on his toes."
"The bilious bastards who write that kind of stuff for the Saturday Evening Post don't know any more about real fighting under fire than they know about fucking!"
"We're going to murder those lousy Hun cock suckers by the bushel-fucking-basket."
Australia's Kerry Packer (for a time Australia's richest man; died late 2005) was also very fond of the word "fuck". Perhaps his best remembered quote followed the first time he died in 1990, after suffering a heart attack and being clinically dead for some eight minutes before being revived. When asked if he saw a light at the end of a tunnel he said: "Son, there's fucking nothing there."
Australia's former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is believed to have said "Life wasn't meant to be fucking easy".
Mark Latham, another Australian politician had this to say about Prime Minister John Howard's trip to the U.S.A.: "Howard is an arse-licker. He went over there, kissed some bums, and got patted on the fucking head."


The mind boggles at the many creative uses of the word. If by any chance you think I've missed any, please fucking let me know.
How can anyone be offended when you say "FUCK"?
Use it frequently in your daily speech, you will be proud and it will add to your fucking prestige and stature.
Why not say "FUCK YOU !" to someone today.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The race in Naija

Please register to vote. Even if the election is rigged, you have to go out and vote. You would have no moral right to complain if evil geniuses are elected to power when you could not exercise your civic duties. The power of change is in your hands. The burden is on you. Evil prevails when good people do nothing.

The contest to succeed Obj as the president, Federal Republic of Nigeria has reached a crucial stage. All the prospective PDP candidates have submitted their applications (today is the deadline), and there will first be a screening process, then the party congress.

The race is already throwing up some surprises, as word on the street is that Umaru Yar’Adua, the governor of Katsina State, has Obj's support.

Yar’Adua had hardly been mentioned as a possible candidate, but a number of factors seem to have combined to favour him. Most importantly, Yar’Adua emerged untouched from investigations by the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) into alleged corrupt practices. This is more than can be said for many state governors. In addition, Yar’Adua appears to be the most committed to continuing with Obj's reform programme, and also very importantly, there are hardly any voices from his home base that speak ill about him.

Part of this appeal also is the long-standing link between Obj and the Yar’Adua family, we all remember the late Major-General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, was Obasanjo’s second-in-command back in 1976-79, and who endured a life long friendship with Obasanjo. Having the younger Yar'Adua stand as a candidate is from Obj's view point, a shrewd political move. Yar’Adua senior was a hugely symbolic figure in Nigeria. He built the powerful political network in the north of the country before his death, and this network played a significant role in delivering Obj's victories both in 1999 and 2003. By choosing Umaru Yar’Adua, therefore, Obasanjo has divided the political loyalties of the network and thus its ability to influence the outcome of the election in Atiku's favour.

However, this does not mean that Yar’Adua will have it easy. Atiku may be suspended from the PDP, and may be facing corruption charges, but he has responded with some smart moves. He has announced that he will stand for the presidency in 2007, and that without stating which party he will represent. This means that he can't be impeached for carpet crossing, and as a result his immunity from prosecution is still intact. He remains a very powerful unknown in the equation, and may try to allign himself with such anti-Obj forces as Orji Kalu, Buhari and Babangida. His interview with This Day a few days before he declared indicated as much. The question that Atiku has to ponder seriously now, is how much of the old Yar'Adua loyalty remains.

As things stand at the moment though, the political situation is in no way certain. What I'll stick my neck out to predict at this point however is that Yar'Adua and Duke would pick the PDP's presidential ticket in two weeks. Then the battle lines would truly have been drawn in the sand.

Recommended reading: Oria needs a strait-jacket!!!

Juve watch

Inter are interested in Gigi (who isn't) and seem prepared to offer Adriano plus £14 million for him. Whatever Moratti is taking must be really strong...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Is there another side to Donald Duke?

Please register to vote. Even if the election is rigged, you have to go out and vote. You would have no moral right to complain if evil geniuses are elected to power when you could not exercise your civic duties. The power of change is in your hands. The burden is on you. Evil prevails when good people do nothing.


I promised that I'd spoil a movie for you guys, Nilla sorry, but it is Borat that I watched.

I went into the cinema with low expectations as the pirated copy I watched did enough to kind of put me off. You see, most comedies have a way of disappointing, but this didn't. As a matter of fact, the first hour is non-stop laughter. I can't think of another film that manages to blend gutter humour as well as criticism of Americans and their stereotypes into as funny an experience as this one did.

The film doesn't even try to be politically correct (he describes blacks as
genuine painted brown people), and part of the audience actually winced during some of the stronger anti-Semitic jokes. But then Baron Cohen himself is Jewish. I cannot think of any person who would not find this film funny.

In short, anybody who doesn't fall out of his chair during this film is humourless. As I go die, the Nigerian comedian so quaintly put it in one of his shows:
una no dey laff no be say I no funny, but ya problem pass my ability!

Donald Duke

I'm back to the books. Have been swatting at my coursework for my Network Management course since yesterday afternoon (after the ManScum-¢h€£$¥ game of course). Unfortunately, it is proving tougher to crack than I had anticipated. We have to come up with a properly managed Network without any recourse to internet searches! I have been poring through enough text books. That is tough. I need a break, so this is it...

In my last post I promised that I would talk about the conversation I had with a certain friend of mine after Oria had sanitised it first in order to protect the fellow. Well Oria has come good, so we can talk about it.

This post on Nairaland back in June left a strong impression on me. Why? Because like me, the poster has obviously done the rounds in Naija. (I've visited 33 of the states). His singling out of certain governors as 'good' governors was one that I agreed with whole-heartedly.

But of course, I have to acknowledge those that are performing creditably, and that is not just in terms of infrastructural development, but working on a sustainable vision:
Donald Duke (if only he could drop his vicious brand of politics), Gbenga Daniels, Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu, James Ibori (I'm sure some of you would be shocked but go round the whole DT and compare with 9 years ago), Chimaroke Nnamani (leave thuggery and elimination of opposition aside), Sam Egwu (has a very workable vision and is concentrating on education which is the key, considering how backward Ebonyi used to be), Bukola Saraki (correct man), Ahmed Markafi (you try governing a volatile state like KD), Adamu Mu'azu (another correct man - sometimes i can't believe the pace of improvement in Bauchi, its astounding especially when you consider how much the state receives from FAAC, and his ability to maintain the peace despite the level of volatility), Attahiru Bafarawa, Bukar Abba Ibrahim (he's had 3 terms and hasn't done badly - take a trip to potiskum, damaturu and Gashua, and compare with how they used to be) and last but not least, Muhammad Danjuma Goje (who has done a lot for Gombe within so short a period).

The question then became: what did the poster mean by Donald Duke's
vicious brand of politics? Up until Saturday, I didn't know, and I was (maybe still am) willing to let it slide. You see, after all is said and done, of all the people who have declared their intention to run for the presidency, I still think that the only two people who can perhaps match up to Duke are Pat Utomi and Ebitu Ukiwe.

On Saturday, I had a conversation with
this friend of mine who happens to be in a strategic enough position to know a lot about the happenings behind the scenes in Naija. Since I've known him, he (let's call him Okubenji) has been a source of interesting information for someone like me who likes to know what's up.

Okubenji for those who may not know, means Mr. Nobody. I've forgotten the name of the book that coined that expression, but if you grew up in the then Bendel State, chances are that you've read it.

Please note that this conversation like I said before has been sanitised to remove all references to places, events, people and dates that may give out Okubenji's identity. I think Oria did an excellent job.

(14:46:10) Chxta: you are at work?
(14:47:06) Okubenji: sure man.
(14:47:19) Okubenji: just got in from xxx (somewhere north of Lagos).
(14:47:30) Chxta: sanu de zuwa. Kantashi laliya?
(14:47:38) Okubenji: nagode
(14:48:01) Okubenji: lafia ka lo
(14:48:24) Chxta: yaya aiki na?
(14:48:52) Okubenji: aiki ka lo. yaya mata?
(14:49:17) Okubenji: and how's the winter treating u?
(14:49:29) Chxta: She's fine, I miss her badly. The winter has chilled for the moment
(14:49:37) Chxta: or maybe I am actually getting used to it
(14:49:44) Okubenji: i should be around there for our reunion next month.
(14:49:54) Chxta: we are having a reunion here?
(14:50:01) Okubenji: yep we are.
(14:50:08) Okubenji: oria gave me some 60leaves exercise books for u.
(14:50:32) Okubenji: so i've packed them into my intended luggage.
(14:50:37) Chxta: well, I had to buy the books at cut throat prices here
(14:50:48) Chxta: as we are submitting our course work and lab reports before you show
(14:50:57) Chxta: but I'd use them in the next semester
(14:51:17) Okubenji: meanwhile atiku dey somewhere dey make im presidential declaration.
(14:52:55) Chxta: I know
(14:52:59) Chxta: I wrote about it
(14:53:03) Okubenji: and he actually stands a better chance than my "fine boy" governor who everyone's regarding as a joker.
(14:53:10) Chxta: I know
(14:53:14) Chxta: sad fact
(14:53:25) Chxta: I think Atiku's the best bet to counter IBB
(14:53:43) Chxta: what party it Atiku declaring for?
(14:54:57) Okubenji: dunno yet. as for duke, next time you question him on his blog, ask him about the massive debt overhang he's left in CRS, and the several unresolved murders,and terror squads he unleashed on the state.
(14:55:19) Chxta: now that is some gist...
(14:55:25) Chxta: I will definitely ask
(14:55:39) Chxta: when the time is right
(14:55:42) Chxta: >:)
(14:57:06) Okubenji: and why with his much vaunted "intellect"and grip on the machinery, citizens of CRS are worse off, and despite the media accolades, nobody speaks well of him at the state level. including his lackeys!
(14:57:48) Okubenji: but then like i warned people before the 1999 election, beware of this dude.
(14:57:53) Chxta: as is typical Naija...
(14:57:56) Chxta: but why haven't you asked him publicly yourself
(14:57:58) Chxta: ...
(14:58:03) Okubenji: i have, but since i've known him from childhood, i was shouted down
(14:58:23) Okubenji: and take it from me....
(14:58:23) Chxta: now this is not good...
(14:58:49) Okubenji: donald is very good at packaging himself to look and sound good.
(14:59:45) Chxta: meanwhile...
(15:00:05) Okubenji: well, like u pointed out to him, all he's been posting in his blogs are the same kind of stuff that IBB, atiku, odili and co would say.
(15:00:13) Okubenji: so whats up?
(15:00:47) Chxta: I dey o
(15:00:56) Chxta: kinda lonely country this
(15:01:06) Chxta: people aren't friendly
(15:01:10) Chxta: unlike back home
(15:01:15) Okubenji: AWW...
(15:01:51) Okubenji: so u haven't hooked up with any of them clubs, societies, etc.
(15:02:00) Chxta: not yet
(15:02:00) Okubenji: i feel ur pain man.
(15:02:18) Chxta: but believe it or not, I am thinking of doing a PhD
Okubenji: =))
Chxta: Oria had a rolling laugh when I told him
(15:02:58) Okubenji: WAY TO GO MAN!!!
(15:03:20) Chxta: you guys should have faith
(15:03:29) Chxta: there is some ability in this lazy dude
(15:05:00) Okubenji: i'm actually rooting for you man.
(15:05:23) Chxta: thanks
(15:05:28) Chxta: meanwhile...

(15:10:05) Okubenji: how that bigoted twit in ur class?
(15:10:27) Okubenji: the descendant of "uncle tom" with a ghanian name?
(15:10:44) Chxta: maybe he's dropped out
(15:10:52) Chxta: he hasn't been in school for ages
(15:11:13) Okubenji: why am i not surprised?
(15:11:26) Chxta: the drop out rate here seems high
(15:11:36) Chxta: a lot of the Indians don't come to school anymore
(15:11:42) Okubenji: ok.
(15:11:47) Chxta: they are more interested in looking for small money
(15:11:59) Chxta: eyes not focused on the distant goal
(15:12:15) Chxta: I turned down a job last week
(15:12:18) Okubenji: but all the guys i know there (naija boys of course), finished up.
(15:12:41) Chxta: but when I was told that it would clash with school, I told them to shove it where the sun don't shine
(15:12:57) Okubenji: :D
(15:13:02) Chxta: I'd rather beg for cash and pay back when I get a better job than take a job and school suffer
(15:13:14) Okubenji: way to go bro;)...

(15:20:43) Chxta: so once again, what party is Atiku declaring for?
(15:21:15) Okubenji: we're listening to the news, but they're not saying anything yet.
(15:21:30) Chxta: I'm trying to monitor the situation
(15:21:36) Chxta: but my link is slow
(15:21:53) Chxta: see, I am pirating my neighbour's internet connection
(15:22:15) Chxta: so I can't walk downstairs and ask him to reboot his router
(15:22:18) Chxta: :D
(15:22:27) Okubenji: aa hah.....
(15:23:25) Chxta: :D
(15:24:00) Okubenji: u know now.
(15:26:01) Chxta: I'm not complaining
(15:26:05) Chxta: neither is he...
(15:26:06) Okubenji: :D
(15:26:18) Okubenji: the person pirating his connection's an expert eh?
(15:26:22) Chxta: you know now, so he can't know
(15:26:25) Chxta: not yet anyway
(15:26:41) Chxta: unless he suddenly become very IT savvy...
(15:27:13) Okubenji: is he white, black or asian?
(15:27:30) Chxta: dunno
(15:27:44) Chxta: wouldn't know him if he sat on my lap
(15:27:51) Chxta: for all I know it could be a she
(15:27:59) Okubenji: hahahhahhahhahahahahhahaha!!!
(15:28:03) Chxta: that's how bad neighbours we are here
(15:28:51) Okubenji: i know.
(15:29:19) Chxta: and they are asking why their country is going to hell...
(15:29:26) Chxta: when the answer is just beside them
(15:29:46) Okubenji: we know...

(15:37:24) Chxta: sorry for the break
(15:37:28) Chxta: link went down
(15:37:38) Okubenji: ba wahala
(15:37:39) Chxta: I guess my guy rebooted his router
(15:37:56) Okubenji: i was catually preparing my report for my boss.
(15:38:02) Okubenji: he's waiting for it.
(15:38:46) Chxta: k
(15:38:53) Chxta: let me not disturb you
(15:38:59) Chxta: let me know when u're thru
(15:41:24) Okubenji: OK...

(16:02:58) Chxta:
(16:03:10) Chxta: but he didn't say what party he would declare for
(16:04:06) Okubenji: yes.
(16:04:24) Okubenji: and he still hasn't till now.
(16:04:45) Chxta: this is indiscipline sha
(16:05:12) Okubenji: word on the street is that IBB and co and seeking tickets elsewhere in case OBJ goes ahead to install yar'adua.
(16:05:32) Okubenji: a lot of atiku's kids are there in the UK.
(16:05:45) Okubenji: yankee's a little too hot for them right now.
(16:06:08) Chxta: hmm...
(16:06:24) Chxta: guy, do you mind if I publish this entire conversation on my blog?
Okubenji: you'd better edit the names.
Chxta: names edited of course
(16:07:22) Chxta: :D
(16:07:57) Okubenji: or else, the double D's hit squad would come after me.
(16:08:09) Okubenji: they tried that 3 years ago.
(16:08:22) Okubenji: i'm not game for a repeat experience.
(16:10:22) Chxta: let me worry about me when I publish this conversation
(16:10:55) Okubenji: at least they can't come after u.
(16:11:19) Chxta: you reckon?
(16:11:20) Okubenji: ...but my house, they know, because they've been there...

(16:35:17) Okubenji: later man.
(16:35:55) Chxta: we go jam

So once again, I'll ask the question I once asked on Nairaland (fairly recently, so the link isn't saved, and since I'm not going there, I can't retrieve that for y'all): Is Donald Duke all we make him out to be?

Make no mistakes though, at the moment I still think he's the best of the lot, but we have to know exactly what we are going in for before we make the jump. As my mum used to say, look before you leap.

However, I'll bring this up on his blog. We need to know.

American life

You've got to love Michael Moore. This letter is so hilarious and so true. I will deal with it in my next blog.

Juve watch

Donzman, this is for you: Juve didn't fix matches.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Up we go...

Please register to vote. Even if the election is rigged, you have to go out and vote. You would have no moral right to complain if evil geniuses are elected to power when you could not exercise your civic duties. The power of change is in your hands. The burden is on you. Evil prevails when good people do nothing.

I'm enjoying my self imposed academic break. However, I'll have to return to the books tomorrow evening before they leave me behind. After this post I'm off to the cinema. And I promise, whatever movie I watch, I'll spoil for you...

I had a rather interesting conversation with a friend of mine about the forth coming elections, and one of the candidates in particular. I will publish the conversation (it is sure to cause some trouble :D), but only after Oria has sanitised it, so keep your fingers crossed, as I can assure you that even the sanitised version would be troublesome enough. It's just that as I've grown older, I've learnt that one has to protect one's sources.

Atiku declared today, but didn't say what party he would be running under. Watch this space.

Juve watch

That's four avocados for Zeman (:D), may that eternal cigarette do him in. Arsehole!

Valerij scored twice as our primavera and some came from behind to destroy Lecce 4-1. You see, we were without 11 first team players due to injury and suspension, but then being la Vecchia Signora, the players kept their heads to send Zdenek Zeman – our eternal rival – packing with no points and now with the threat of the axe. Great. I hate that mouthy piece of work.

We controlled the first half and threatened when Balza struck the post, before Valerij and Neddy went close. Lecce started the second half well and took the lead through Osvaldo who tapped home a cross from the right. He scored less than a minute after coming on as a sub, and you should have seen the evil grin on Zeman's face.

Just when some Juve fans (yours sincerly wasn't one of them) started to fear that we would lose our first Serie B game ever, the Valerij show started. The Bulgar fired in the equaliser after robbing a Lecce defender and he then curled in a stunning 25-yard free-kick to give us the lead.
The game was basically over for Zeman's crew, who were reduced to 10-men after the two yellows handed to Diamoutene.

It was thus not a surprise when we extended our lead again. After wasting numerous previous chances Palladino scored his second consecutive goal to make it 3-1, while De Ceglie finished off a wonderful counter-attack in minute 94 with his first professional goal.

Now we stand second in Serie B. I will repeat again for the many who have no ears: had we not had points stolen from us in this totally unfair demotion, we'd have been a clear 11 points beyond Napoli by now. Nothing spoil sha. Even the bleeding FIGC are beginning to understand that their rashness is costing Italian football. What morons.

Meanwhile Zlatan is just a bleeding, huge, arrogant cunt!

Ciao Romeo

He was like the responsible of the locker room. He (and "his" staff) organized all the material needed for trainings, matches (home and away): shirts, balls, underwear, accessories and so on.

Juventus is in mourning. At around 8 o’clock Thursday night, Francesco Romeo passed away at the Candiolo Institute for the Research and the Cure of Cancer.

Romeo was the most decorated kit-man in the whole of Italy, if not Europe.

Juventus was his home, his family, always. He saw all the great champions of the last thirty years come and go, and whenever any one of them would visit Turin after leaving Juventus, Romeo was always the first person they would go and see.

We will all remember him with the greatest affection.


Please register to vote. Even if the election is rigged, you have to go out and vote. You would have no moral right to complain if evil geniuses are elected to power when you could not exercise your civic duties. The power of change is in your hands. The burden is on you. Evil prevails when good people do nothing.

As is usual, the mets got it wrong. The rain was not the kind of storm they predicted, the winds only reached 40 mph, not 80 as some forecasts predicted, and the rain lasted less than an hour, not all night. No problems though as I had a great night's rest.

Before I begin to talk, I want to point out the fact that Nilla from Nairaland has opened a blog of her own. Nilla's spin is what she chose to call it. Welcome to blogosphere Nilla, I hope you remain here.

Boso wrote about Catherine Tate. I think you should see it. That entry and all the clips left me in stitches.

There's a problem with a majority of my feeds. For the last few days I haven't gotten any updates from Akin, Ayoke and Nkem, to name a few. Chippla's not been regular of recent, so I won't panic yet.

Make I yarn...

Perhaps the biggest news of the week globally was the death of the former KGB agent Alexandr Litvinenko. That is an issue that I'd rather read about from Frederick Forsyth in a few years. The world of military intelligence is too murky, and you never know who is working for who, who is betraying who, who is killing who. That said, I wonder why there is so much noise by the British over him. Going through articles about this issue, it was obvious that it was only a matter of time before someone got to him, and as the MOSSAD, MI6 or even the SSS back home (there is also the DMI, anyone remembers Frank Omenka?) have shown over the years, intelligence agencies neither forgive nor forget. May he rest in peace...

I was more interested (as usual) in the events back home. And perhaps the biggest news out of Naija last week was the 'Raid on Entebbe' style drama that happened in Rivers State on Wednesday. Sadly, one of the hostages was killed, and my prayers are with him and the family he left behind. The Navy says that none of their men was killed, which is a good thing for morale. That however, is open to debate as the article I highlighted (which is why I chose that) says that a soldier lost his life in the shoot-out. But the vast majority of articles I have read agree that no soldier died. What everyone agrees with however, is that at least two of the kidnappers were killed. I have no sympathy for them.

I am in full support of a crackdown on all the kidnappers.

It is always a tragedy when someone dies, more so when that person died violently. However, I do not believe that too many people will shed tears when Saddam Hussein dangles at the end of a rope sometime in the coming weeks, just the same way that no one in Benin shed a tear when Lawrence Anini and gang danced to the tune of machine gun fire some 20 years ago. That is what these groups in the Niger Delta are slowly bringing upon themselves.

I would refer you to this BBC article written in April, specifically the portion which states:

"It appears to be a more effective organisation than the armed groups which have been extorting money from companies working in the region and stealing oil for many years."

That is MEND they are talking about there, which IMHO is/used to be the only respectable militant organisation in the Delta. Unfortunately for MEND, the other groups have 'polluted' the pool so to say. For the neutral observer, there is hardly any difference between the true militants who are actually demanding an improvement in the conditions of their people on the one hand, and the Asari Dokubo style crooks who are looking for an extra buck on the other hand. The failure of MEND (and the so called elders of the South-South) to call these criminals to order has made a lot of people who would have otherwise been sympathetic to begin to look the other way. For me the recurring question remains: Why haven't we seen any effort (genuine of fake) by these militant groups to improve the lot of the people they claim to be fighting for?

Since these kidnappings are carried out for the greater good, that is justice for the people of the Niger Delta, we'd expect to see news crews invited to videotape the kidnappers returning to their villages as heroes and sharing the ransom money equally to each and every home. Or in the alternative, purchasing medicines and sharing them. Or even better, paying a firm to carry out a clean-up of the environment.

We are still waiting.

Rather, what is on the rise is that more and more "militant groups" are springing up daily. Each trotting out the same hackneyed slogans. Then they go out, grab some white men, and wait for their share of the booty.

Make no mistakes, this spate of kidnappings is now nothing more than a lucrative criminal venture. I have warned Jeremy in an earlier article to be careful because were I getting too broke, I'd kidnap him and demand my own share of the oil wealth. And this is where the FG and oil companies are culpable. For crying out loud, had they refused to settle Dokubo and his crew initially, this wouldn't have gotten out of hand.

Trust me, if we had refused the demands ab initio, the Niger Delta would have been better for it. And that is what we all want.

Before anyone starts to defend Asari Dokubo, we have to remember that this same Dokubo, who now claims to be a freedom fighter, is no more than a political thug who assisted in the greatest rape of the people's mandate ever witnessed in this country (remember how Odili was returned to office?).

Dokubo was well paid for his efforts, and none of those proceeds went anywhere outside his immediate family circle. He became a "freedom fighter" when Odili refused to take his side in a turf war (I've forgotten the name of the guy he had a fight with). It was when Odili didn't back him that his conscience awoke from its coma and began directing his affairs. His middle name suddenly became Mujaheed, and he and his army of thugs and layabouts quickly adopted some nice sounding slogans: Niger Delta Volunteer Force. What a moron!

When the Federal Government offered to pay him N250,000 for every gun he surrendered, he rapidly turned in some 85 AK47s. That computes to N21.25 million!

Not a kobo went to his community. When the government invited him to wine and dine in Abuja, he went gleefully, perhaps expecting to wash down his new friendship with Obasanjo with some oil contracts. (He was already engaged in illegal bunkering by the way.) Obj wined him, dined him, then asked him to return. On his return, he was swiftly arrested. He now cries foul. Tell me, did Che Guevara ever agree to wine and dine with the government? Of course not. Any true freedom fighter knows in his gut that the government is only out to destroy him. A criminal kingpin, on the other hand, only sees the next big score.

DSP Alamieyeseigha, erstwhile governor of Baylesa State, famous for his immortal statement "What is £100,000 to a whole governor?" (That's pounds sterling, not Biafran pounds mind you), went on a jamboree to Europe. While he was governor, his only exercise was the systematic looting of the public till, so much so that he had £1 million in cash in his house in London. Upon his arrest, he claimed he was being victimised for fighting for the rights of his people. For fighting for more derivation. What had he done with the vast sums already at his disposal? When he escaped, the same people who he had been robbing came out to welcome him like zombies.

And these are men (Dokubo and Alams) that these 'militants' are demanding released? Curses be on them.

Lest I forget, it is rather unfortunate that the same people who are quick to hurl insults at the FG are (deliberately) oblivious to the fact that Peter Odili has received more from the Federal bounty than any other state governor since 1999. Yet stark poverty permeates every facet of Rivers State, infrastructure is in a far worse state now than it was 10 years ago, pollution turns beautiful creeks in rivers of crude oil, and Odili is arrogant enough to share a $200 bottle Cristal with a journalist without a hint of irony. Yet he is still there. As Karl Marx memorably said: the people deserve the government they have.

Recommended reading:
Goodluck Jonathan's wife involved in money laundry. The leopards never change their spots. Yet, not one South-South interest group has attempted to call these people to order. I weep for the Niger Delta.

IBB Watch

Should I call this one IBB watch? I don't think so. News has suddenly become slow about the man. Scary proposition. It means we can't monitor what he is doing...

Donald Duke replied the question I asked him here. I must say I was impressed with his response. He practically read my mind on that issue.

I think I've asked that question on this blog before, I can't be arsed to search for where, what I know is that I've definitely asked it on Nairaland, (I'd have produced the link, but I don't do Nairaland anymore). Anyway, let me ask again:

You take a man, he has a wife (maybe two), and children. You give him N 8500 (£34) a month, ask him to buy his shoes from that amount. You ask him to buy his torch, bulb and batteries from that amount. From that amount he is also expected to cater for his aforementioned family...

Then you give him a gun!

Enough said...

Juve watch

We play Lecce today, and considering that Zdenek Zeman their coach hates us, I suggest we wipe them on the ground for good measure.

Lyon are casting envious glances at Trez. If it is true that they are ready to offer $ 21 million, I would sell. The guy is good yes, but he is 29. That amount for a 29 year old...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thank God it's Friday

Yesterday, I decided to take this evening off from bookwork and go to see a movie instead. The movie I wanted to see was Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. However, as is my custom (I've had that 'bad habit' since I was back home), I checked the weather forecast. The mets claim that we are going to have gale force winds and a storm this evening through tomorrow. The implication was that I had to stay indoors. You see, I am sharing an internet connection with one of my nicer neighbours (without his knowledge of course), so I am frugal with what I do from home. That means I do major downloads at school, and Borat is a major download. I asked some internet friends to help me with Borat, and of course they did. Problem is, I must admit, the version I just finished watching is of a bad quality. Obviously the guy who sneaked a camera into the theatre to pirate the movie was distracted. As a result, I won't make a comment on it. Bah! You guys are lucky. I'd have loved to spoil another film for you...

My week has been nothing short of hectic. Deadlines to be met at school, we had a test, and I was caught up in the horror of Monday's transport scenario.

Let me start with last Saturday:

I took Fred's advice (thanks to Jeremy and Akin as well), and armed myself with a camera. My port of call was London Bridge, where I went on tour of the Bridge and environs, as well as a tour of the HMS Belfast. The picture below is me. :D

It is kinda funny that with all my love for adventure, history and all that, that I had to wait until the chips were down before I moved off my butt to get to know the area around me. I am so pissed. And there is no excuse...

LBC called Monday 'Horror Monday', and not many Londoners would disagree. There was a strike affecting bus routes in the North of the city, and the tube broke down in a lot of places. I was trapped underground in a train just outside Angel tube station for 30 minutes. And one of the guys beside me was stinking of dead fish, or something worse! Had that train stayed in that position of longer than that, all of us in that carriage (except him of course) would have died of asphyxiation! On a lighter note, when the train got to Golders Green (which meant it hit the surface, and GSM service was restored) some bloke's phone rang, and he had to start explaining to his wife that we were trapped underground. She didn't believe him, and he had to hand the phone over to someone else to confirm. No prizes for guessing who that someone else was...

On Tuesday I had a job interview, but as soon as the guy made it clear that the job was going to clash with school time, I turned it down. Had a test Wednesday, had another Thursday, and yet another today. God! They want to kill a man.

Speaking of tests, I could have sworn that jinging in the test/exam hall was a Nigerian thing. Na lie! The Indians are better at it than us. Problem is, the lecturer was too sharp (that was on yesterday's test). The stuff was objective, and so they were practicing some form of advanced information sharing in the exam hall, without realising that the questions were different for each person. Invigilator probably saw them, but didn't say anything until we had submitted, then he politely informed us that no two persons had the same set of questions. K (one of the girls) immediately broke down in tears. It was so funny...

There's still a lot to talk about, but I guess I'll leave it here. I want to sleep.

N.B: Time is 2346 hours, and the predicted rain has not started...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Installing VMware in Ubuntu

Hi all. Been a while. Currently bogged down in book work. Andrew Enenmoh asked for a way to run Window$ software in Ubuntu Linux. This question usually arises, especially with gamers who want to run some games (in my case, Football Manager), which have no version for Linux.

My first thought would be to use Wine. But at the moment, Wine (in my opinion) is a little buggy, and doesn't run high graphic apps satisfactorily.

But no worries, there is a solution.

How did I achieve that? The answer is VMware. Fire your browser to their downloads page, and pick the version of VMware for Linux. It is a .tar.gz file.

So the question becomes, how do I install VMware?

The first thing that is important is that you will need to know is that you have to install the compilation utilities, which aren’t installed by default. Run these commands to get you started:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential

$ sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`

The first command installs gcc and all the compiler utilities. The second command installs the header files for your currently running kernel. Notice that the ` is the one next to the 1 key on your keyboard.

Then to install VMware itself,

$ tar xzf <>

Follow the prompts.

After installation the vmware installer should just pick up the right place and not require anything but the defaults.

If it's still misbehaving, the path to include can be found in
$ /lib/modules/<>/build/include

Please note that you have to register on the VMware website, before you download. You would also need a serial number in order to create a virtual machine.
If you want the serial number, you can {snip--Chxta's lawyer}

Note, for those who want to try out Linux without leaving the 'comfort' of Window$, there is a version of VMware for Window$ which would let you install Linux without getting rid of the malware. Tip: that is how I started on my first steps in Linux two years ago.

Till we jam again, Cheers.

Friday, November 17, 2006

FF2 vs IE7

I wanted to sit on this one until I have finished testing Vista RC1, or until the real Vista had come out and I had gotten a shot at testing it, you see Vista went RTM on Wednesday, (RTM means Released To Manufacturers), and within hours was leaked on the Internet. I'm desperately trying to find a copy so I can put it through some stress testing.

However, Donzman kind of forced my hand by asking for my opinion on IE7, and, I have to respond.

I have tested IE7, and sorry to say, I'm quite disappointed in it. If Microsoft think that all a modern browser needs is tabs, then they have a lot of work to do. This report released the day after IE7 was officially launched gave me doubts, but I had to be sure myself, so I did test it.

1) Firefox is easier to install, and IE7 asking me to switch off my antivirus before it can install is freaky.
2) IE7 is still too heavy. Why should just my browser take majority of my memory?
3) New tabs in Firefox still open faster than those in IE7.
4) Many of IE7's 'new' features (RSS, XML for example are old Firefox, and other browsers, tricks), and Firefox has improved on them while IE7 is just learning them.
5) Maybe, just maybe IE7 has improved on security, but as that report above showed, they still have a long way to go. And why are some of the new security features so damned hard to find? And why do I have to report everything back to Micro$oft?

The following was in my email. From a friend, and fellow Juventino, Ade Adene. Ade, I think you should open a blog...

My Christmas Story

I can’t remember when exactly it began but for as far back as I can recall the Christmas season has been for me the most wonderful time of the year.
Every year as the season approaches, I believe very firmly that God sprinkles down some “joy dust” from heaven’s windows. The “joy dust” experience works only for those who believe-just like the legend of Santa coming down through the chimney, gifts under the Christmas tree, red-nosed reindeers and all.
The experience consists chiefly of a sudden inexplicable feeling of inner joy you experience without warning which fades almost as quickly as it comes.
I felt it for the first sometime in October. I was on a bus to or from work when the warmth of “joy dust” permeated through the rickety body of the danfo and settled ever so gently on me. I don’t think anyone else on the bus felt it, but I did and knew the reason for it.
I hold the season of Christmas in the highest esteem and I have a problem with people who do not think very highly of Christmas. It’s a bit like that song
u say u don’t like………….
u don’t like……………………..
u don’t like any of my friends
but when u said u did’nt like reggae
I just had to lose my cool
whatcha talking ‘bout
u say u don’t like the reggae beat
whatcha talking ‘bout
u say u don’t like the reggae beat
u must be craaaaa craaaazy
crazy u must be
replace “reggae” and “reggae beat” with “Christmas” and you get an idea of how I feel about such people. How can you not like Christmas? How can you not be excited about the season? I can understand if people born anytime from 1990 onwards when Nigeria began her decline into consistent underperforming have that problem. Christmas for such folks was one scrawny-looking father Christmas in dark goggles, gardening gloves and wellies; arriving at the Ibadan-Lagos tollgate end of “Rome” in a trailer and with a plastic bag laden with plastic cutlery,”felele” balls,Okin biscuits, peppery Nico sweets and Bazooka Joe chewing gum!
Just the kind of guy to scare innocent little kids and send them into body-wracking fits of wailing and attempts to flee the hideous apparition trying so ironically to calm them down.
People with such backgrounds are not likely to have any fondness for or warm memories of the season and I don’t blame them.
However if, you were raised in an environment where Christmas meant trips to the village with your cousins, uncles and aunties to spend time with grandma, visits to Christmas grottos where Santa was an avuncular-looking Caucasian who gave you 9-volt battery-operated ray guns,dolls,train sets, racing cars and striped walking stick-shaped candy bars, end of year Christmas parties and nativity plays in school, carol services, putting up decorations(the glitzy supermarket types or the art class paper-made variety); the season should hold a special place in your heart.
I’m closing in on 30 now and no matter how puerile it seems, I still get excited about Christmas. There’s a magic about the season for me. I believe it stems from an upbringing where we were taught to value the season. I remember very vividly my mom waking up early to cook buffet-style menus on Christmas day, her placing our nicely-wrapped gifts under our little Christmas tree, her taking us shopping to UTC, Leventis, Kingsway and Sango market weeks before, uncles and aunties who you hardly ever saw otherwise coming visiting……. there was just this joy in the air that nothing could take away. Despite repeated admonitions from Chaplains and Vicars not to forget “the reason for the season”, it was -for me; more about the fanfare and jamboree than the birth of the saviour of the world.
No matter how hard or often we sang
joy to the world, the Lord is born
my joy did not come from the fact of the saviour’s birth or its implication.
Sacrilegious? maybe, but how many four or five year olds could spell redemption, salvation and repentance?
Another Christmas season is once again upon us; banks and other corporate organizations are already “decking the halls with boughs of holly”, music stores are playing that Boney M Christmas album, and I’m feeling joyful again. Life is not always pretty; sometimes it hurts so bad that I want to cry, (yup, Ade can do that!) but through it all looking forward to Christmas is for me the light at the end of the dark tunnel, the lighthouse on the stormy seas, the finish line in the sights of the fatigued marathoner……………
Maybe it’s a bit harsh for me to expect everyone to feel the same way, but that’s how I’ll always feel- and maybe you would too if you opened your heart to the magic!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

We live in a mad world

Just came out of a marathon lecture. Professor Comley got called away to the US for a conference last week, and he seems determined to more than make up for the time he missed even though he had made alternative arrangements for the two lectures he missed. As time goes on I am beginning to love the man more. He's in touch with everything that is happening in the world of computers.

During today's lecture as he was talking about projects that he worked on while he was a student, he mentioned this man: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and called him the father of the internet. That got my ears pricked obviously since we have a Nigerian 'father of the internet'. I have just done a Google search on the fellow, and came up with this from CNN, and this from Wikipedia. I am still unhappy that despite all the challenges, that the Emeagwali camp is still to come up with a firm rebuke to those of us nay-sayers who have dared to challenge his authority as the father of the internet. This is almost a year after Chippla set me on the path of doubt...

Anyways, forget about that. A lot has been happening in Naija, and it is becoming difficult to keep up. So much so fast. Damn!


The following have been declared wanted by the EFCC. If you happen to see any of them dressed as an Ijaw woman in your neighbourhood, you'll be doing us a service by letting us know. Their accounts have been frozen, so they can't bribe you.

Joshua Dariye
*Dariye is accused of defrauding Plateau State of over N1.7 billion, which is contrary to Section 14(1) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, illegal transaction in foreign exchange contrary to Section 29 of the Foreign Exchange (Monitoring etc) Act, 1995 and false declaration of assets, contrary to Section 164 of the Panel Code.

Dariye was arrested in London with the sum of N26 million (£177,000) found on him in his hotel room in London. He was charged to court and granted bail by the London Police, but jumped bail and returned to Nigeria.

The last known official address of Mr. Dariye was Government House, Rayfield, Jos. However, he is also known to have a number of properties in Jos and other parts of the country.

While there is reasonable suspicion that he is still in hiding in Jos, members of the public are hereby advised to note that the suspect has demonstrated a criminal ability to sneak undetected out of countries whenever he is wanted by law enforcement agencies to answer questions on alleged criminal conduct. He speaks English, Hausa and Mushere fluently

Ayodele Fayose

Mr Fayose is accused of defrauding Ekiti State with the contract in respect of the state Integrated Poultry Project, which was a conduit pipe through which Fayose and his aides, who are now facing money laundering and diversion of public funds charges at a Federal High Court, Lagos.

Mr. Fayose has not been seen in public since his deposition although he claimed to “be in Ado-Ekiti” the last time he spoke to the press, which was a few days after his impeachment.

Until he disappeared from Government House, Ado-Ekiti, Mr. Ayodele Fayose who hails from Afao-Ekiti, was Governor of Ekiti State.
He was last sighted in Ibadan, Oyo State, where, apart from Lagos and Ekiti, he has several properties, suspected to be proceeds of crime. Mr. Fayose, about 1.8m in height, speaks Yoruba and English.

Anyone who has information as to the whereabouts of these wanted persons should immediately contact the EFCC or the nearest police station and other security agencies.

Atiku declares

On the 25th of November the Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Turakin Adamawa would formally declare his intention to run for office of president in the next election billed for April 2007. Under what party he would run still remains to be seen given that the Obj camp's move of getting him suspended from the PDP just in time for the party convention was a tactical master stroke.

I'd like to ask him one question though, what is the need for an 85-man committee to declare for president? That you want to have a shot at the office is a terribly kept secret, so just get on with it. I am starting to believe that he may end up being the most credible opposition to Babangida. Why Ebitu Ukiwe decided to join the PDP, I don't know. It is my opinion that as things stand, IBB has wrapped up that ticket, and between two evils, Atiku is by far a more palatable option than the Evil Genius.

Presidential blog

Donald Duke has started a blog. But then we all know this, I believe I announced it happily sometime back. Not a few Nigerians in blogosphere were happy at the development, and duly spread the word.

However, I am very unhappy with it now.


Donald's blog has generated a total of 135 comments in just 13 days of existence (in contrast with mine which has 874 in 8 months). If we use my comment rate as a benchmark, then by the time Don's blog is as old as mine, he should have generated at least 2400 comments!

Now I don't want to appear to be comapring myself with the good governor, and if you go back and read at least five of my articles (Youths Earnestly Ask for..., The South-South should shut up!, Corruption in high places, Niger Delta again!, Authority Stealing), you would find that I infact endorse DD as the next president.

However, I have a complaint.

It was all well and good IMHO that in his first blog post (24 comments) that people came out to congratulate him and express their support. Hell, I was one of them. But the euphoria ought to have passed away by now. Why is it that out of 135 comments, less than 15 have attempted to ask the man serious questions? He has delivered himself into our hands, and we shouldn't let him go scot free. We should ask him hard questions about his plans for us. So far as far as I can see out there, he has only said general stuff. The kind that even IBB would say when he begins serious campaigning. Or are we all impotent? Ask away, and Donald, the floor is yours. Please respond.


They've finally taken over NITEL. This was a deal that was signed and sealed even before the emergence of Transcorp as an entity. But what is done is done. People are interested in efficiency. If Transcorp would provide that, I'm all for it. At least someone has to drive prices down. We've suffered at the hands of MTN for too long...

Blog watch

Oria has put up another one, this one about female rights. Read it here.

Letter to Tony Blair

Dear Tony,

What the hell is your problem? You created an unnecessary war in Iraq. Of course it would be unfair if I pin all the blame on you, we have to mention George Bush's pivotal role in the whole affair, but I lay a larger percentage of the blame on you.


Because in my sometimes inaccurate opinion, you are definitely a far more intelligent being than Bushie Juniour, and given your prior experience in running things with Bill Clinton who is a vastly superior intellect to Dubya, one would have expected that you'd be able to rein in Bushie Juniour when he began to beat the drums of war over Iraq.

Instead you joined him to stir up a hornet's nest over what you both knew was nothing. We have all seen that indeed there was nothing. You endorsed that infantile axis-of-evil label on whole peoples, tried to get us to toe the war path with Iran over their nuclear programme (which you've failed to convince us is for military purposes), and when that failed, you tried to isolate them.

You have succeeded in isolating Syria, looking the other way while Israel bombed Lebanon back to the stone age, and worst of all looking the other way in the last few weeks while Israeli troops used some women in Gaza for target practice (hell were it Hamas or Hezb'llah that had shot one Israeli civilian you'd have joined Dubya to be demanding for blood by now). You made a mess of Britain's place in the world (not a few people now view you as America's 51st state), and instead of an apology, what do we get? More rhetoric.

What right do you have to demand that Iran and Syria help you in pacifying Iraq? Did anyone ask you to go in there in the first place? What position are you to be making threats? Are you only realising that the injustince of the situation in Palestine is responsible for the rising tide of anti-Western feeling in the Arab world?

By the way, I'm sick of all this talk of exporting democracy to the 'democracyless'. If you and Bush are such democrats, start by imposing American style democracy in Saudi Arabia.



P.S: I think it is infantile to believe that democracy works for everyone. It is just not in some peoples' culture. And in my humble, and sometimes not so accurate opinion, the big winners of the Iraq conflict are, you guessed it: IRAN!

Juve watch

Gigi and Camo both played a part in Italy’s friendly with Turkey last night. The game ended 1-1.
Robert Kovac and his Croat team mates came out on top of a thrilling game to beat Israel 4-3 in Tel Aviv, while Valerij's Bulgaria lost 3-1 away to Slovakia.

In the meantime we have an injury crisis. Guzman picked up an injury yesterday, and at this rate we only have Valerij and Palladino (20 and 19) as the only available forwards for at least 3 weeks. More as the story develops.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I just completed my Wireless Networking course work. A full month ahead of schedule. So I guess it's time for me to pour my heart out.

There was a song done by Bobby Vinton back in 1964. It stood atop the American charts for 4 weeks (I think). Most of you know it because of the version that was 'remixed' by Akon sometime back. Like most modern remakes of classical pop music, I think Akon's version was crappy when compared with the original. By the wayside, I still can't forgive Kanye West for murdering Shirley Bassey's Diamonds Are Forever, but that is just my insignificant opinion. My feeling of loneliness began when the temperatures started to drop, and though Texazz's presence, albeit briefly, attenuated it, watching him go through that boarding gate at Heathrow 2 weeks ago now was probably the worst form of amplification that the misery could take.

Verse two of Bobby Vinton's Mr. Lonely aptly describes my state of mind now:

Now I'm a soldier, a lonely soldier
Away from home through no wish of my own
That's why I'm lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely
I wish that I could go back home

That is my current state of mind. I am a lonely soul. Away from home, far from home though in this case, I wanted to come here, so I guess I have to endure. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm lonely. Terribly lonely. The neighbours here are the closest thing to crap anyone can even begin to imagine. Despite my attempts to reach out everyone keeps to himself. The weather which has been going from bad to worse makes matters worse because it keeps me indoors when I have nothing to do outside. That in itself makes me depressed and miserable.

I miss Benin.
I miss my parents.
I miss my siblings.
I miss my friends.
I miss U.
I miss Nigeria.

I'm so lonely. I wish I could go back home.

Post goes down.

Nice birthday present to a black woman who turns 52 today.

This selfsame woman who: "In 1974, at age 19, Rice earned her B.A. in political science and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Denver. In 1975, she obtained her Master's Degree in political science from the University of Notre Dame. She first worked in the State Department in 1977, during the Carter administration, as an intern in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. In 1981, at the age of 26 (my current age), she received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the Graduate School of International Studies at Denver. In addition to English, she speaks fluent Russian, and, with varying degrees of fluency, German, French, and Spanish."

And what have you done with your life so far, Chxta? Would you put such pictures of Ngozi Okonji-Iweala up with Obasanjo? Or your mother, who is probably around the same age? Have you no shame?

The above comment by Fred on yesterday's post made me realise the serious error of my ways in posting Rebel's picture, and as a result, yesterday's post has come down. Akin, Fred and whoever else may have been offended as a result of that post, I am truly sorry.

Most of all my apologies to Condi Rice. Even though I do not like her policies and government, she deserves better.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kept women

Been awake an hour and half trying to read, staring at the same page the last 30 minutes plus, after the initial flurry of reading. Realization that this shit is not entering the head anymore, maybe the cold (it is 5C outside) has frozen my brain matter, so I decided to check my mail, and hang out in the usual virtual locations for a while...

Saw this one on Taurean Minx's blog (I read her a lot, hardly comment though, still trying to figure out who she really is as I get the vibe that she knows me) and was in the process of posting the following reply when I realized that: 'Hey, this reply would make a post for me own blog', so here goes:

For me, the song (To The Left), like most of Beyonce's is crappy...

Is that Mekhi Phifer in the video? Never a sufficient close up for me to confirm, so I don't know if those numerous bowls of garri back in the day are beginning to take effect. If it is him, it is shocking the downturn his career has taken.

Now to the main issue. On being the kept and being the keeper...

:uhum: (Clears throat, do I sound Igbo enough?)

There are two sides to this coin: I have always tended to look at kept women with scorn and disdain, nothing more than glorified whores. But to be fair, in some cases one has to sympathize with them and the situations that landed them there. You see, there are some who genuinely had it rough, and as a result the only way out for them is to become kept. You see, not everyone has a strong will. But it still remains my strong view that the majority of kept girls, and I knew a lot of them back in the day in UNIBEN, are in it just for the flashy lifestyle that it affords them. I am yet to be proved wrong on that.
The other party in that particular kind of relationship, the man who is the keeper, and you find in most cases such men have wife/wives at home. This is the one that I tend to really wonder at. Why? What is in this other woman that your wife doesn't give you? In most cases you don't want a child from her which is why you hide her away from society, so what is it that she gives you?

Sadly, the answer to that one from the vast majority of such men is this: she makes me feel young. Jaizuz!!! I was under the impression that a man is supposed to grow old with his wife, not suck her juices dry (a certain friend of mine had a way of virtually sucking his girlfriends practically lifeless. They always withered after he was done with them), and moving on. Or can someone tell me, am I being naive? Is it the position of men in Nigerian society to suck the girl/woman with whom they were supposed to go for better for worse dry and then prey on the next pretty young thing that comes along?

The other side of the coin, kept men. I only have one thing to say to them: yuck!

I have absolutely nothing to say to women who are keepers.

Naija News.

IBB watch: This is a new part of Chxta's World that is going to be almost as regular as Juve watch. I will publish anything I can find on the man in an effort to do my part to fight what seems almost inevitable. As things currently stand and much to my chagrin, Babangida will become our next president. If he does, people like Nkem have the luxury of avoiding Naija for as long as they like, people like me don't. So I have to try to ensure that that state of affairs doesn't come to pass.

However, the anti-Babangida brigade has more than an uphill battle. To see how influential IBB remains 13 years after leaving power one only has to look at the list of guests who attended his daughter's wedding recently: 20 000 guests in all, including former heads of state, 31 out of a total of 36 state governors and 132 Nigerian parliamentarians.

Hear Alex Akinyele: "I can die for Babangida."

Is there anything else to say?

In other news, Frank Nweke (he's probably the only serving Minister I have respect for) would be in London from the 18th of this month to launch the Nigeria image project. My advice to Frank and co (hope you guys take this to Obj and Turaki): You can't market a bad product. Sad truth is that Naija as it currently is, is a very bad product, so the only people you can seriously attract are those for whom the gains far outweigh the risks.
Shell and their cohort for example. I hear that the last set of kidnapping 'militants' were paid $90k for their efforts. How true it is, I don't know, but the point remains that to the oil companies, that amount is pocket change, while to the average Naijaman on the street, that is almost 1560 years pay! (For my Mathematics, I used minimum wage=N7500, k: $1=N130). I think I got to kidnap me some white men. Jeremy, be careful... :D
Still on the image thing, how does Frank Jr possibly hope to justify this expenditure when aircraft are falling out of the sky on a regular basis?
Or how does he hope to explain the lack of security when robbers move around freely, and now have the audacity to storm weddings almost unchecked. I daresay that the only reason the olopa have moved on this is because the victim was one of their own. Were the victim a regular citizen like me, nothing for happen.
Then there's NEPA...

For what it is worth, I must commend Andy Uba on his resignation. The man has a sense of decency and honor. If he were anything like Borisade he would have sat on that chair and blamed everything and everyone from Aachen to Zululand for his travails instead of doing the right thing and buggering out of the place. However I hope that this doesn't become a witch hunt, I hear that he has moved his family to the UK.

Blog watch

Abuja Volunteer is a new blog on the block written by Indar, a former VSO volunteer. His aim is to expose the dirt of western nation-funded aid programs, particularly that of the Employment-oriented Private Sector Development Programme funded by Germany. Thanks to Jeremy for the link.

Juve watch

Alex is out for 2 weeks with a thigh strain. So said the initial assesment, but for me, given his age, it could be more. That's bad, but as some wise old man said ages ago, 'Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining.' At least two things would come out of this injury: Alex would get a rest (I wonder why DD hasn't rested him since), and Valerij would get more playing time.

Thanks to the people who have commented on my ejection from Nairaland: Oah, C0dec, Donzman, Akin, Ify, Nilla, Bhola (tell Nutter that I miss him too), Bunmi and Martin. Bhola and Nilla, as things are at the moment, I won't be back. Seun just posted a comment here, if I were anything like him, I'd delete it. But then I'm not anything like him. Reading the comment just made my resolve to leave for good even stronger. I'll take Akin's advice.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Never again (?)

I was banned from Nairaland once again today. The reason given was 'bad location'. As is usual, I mailed 'C-in-C' Seun to ask why the ban, and he replied that the location I gave didn't conform with his rules. According to him the new rule is:

The location in your profile must be the country, state or town you currenty live in - if you're active .

Your location is very important to other members of the forum, because where you live affects your perceptions and experiences. For example, a Nigerian living in UK would know more about racism while a Nigerian at home will know more about the day-to-day experiences of a person living in Nigeria. It has also been discovered that many topics cannot be fully understood unless one knows where the poster lives.

Therefore you are required to indicate at least your country of residence in your profile. If you're unwilling to indicate this in your profile, then you must refrain from making posts on the forum.

If you make posts on the forum without complying with this rule, you'll be banned for 5 days. Locations like "in my girlfriend's bosoms" or "somewhere far away" will be punished most severely.

My question would have been: what has my location which I've given as 3rd Rock From The Sun in any and all internet forums I've ever been a member off have to do with my posts?

But as past experience has shown, asking the boy questions is as useful an exercise as fetching water from a well with a spoon. He is that cocky.

Below is a list of some (I can't be arsed to do a thorough search) Nairaland members who are in contravention of the rule he quoted, and who are still posting: shango, Jakumo, ikamefa, Eastcoast, deejay1, Donzman, miky, hbrednic, O-B-J, lissom, swing4real, kimba, Big B1, manakins, chx, samorijack, omogenaija, Nicer, Jehu, xopher, kazey, texazzpete, pucho, nosa101, dayokanu, hustler, kitaun, c0dec, Nowmuzik...

The list above is not produced with any malice. It is just to point out that Seun does have something against me. What it is, I know not.

The truth remains, I like to discuss and air my opinions, which is the reason that despite previous bans, I have gone back. But the truth is also this: I don't need Nairaland to survive or do well in my studies. On the contrary, and at the risk of sounding conceited, I think that the Political and Computer forums on Nairaland would actually be less interesting places with my absence.

I would like to acknowledge the following Nairalanders whom I've had fun with during my year membership of the site: Nutter (I loved arguing politics with him, pity he hasn't been there for about a month now), c0dec (a fellow Juventino like me with whom I have formed a nice real life friendship), Donzman, Davidylan, Niggy, Jogego (both of whom like me are Linux enthusiasts, and both of whom haven't been there for ages), hot angel (yarinya ya kyo), adewaleafolabi (I wish I could stay and help complete weaning you off Window$) and last but not least Mrmayor who made the famous comment on Nutter's thread: CHXTA is one of the best posters here on Nairaland,its a shame whats going on here.Nairaland needs more moderators 39+ forums is too much for one person. Reading that one when I first promised not to go back there made me soften my stand, and up until now, I'm still blushing.

Seun, that is solid advice for you. Get some more moderators.

The temptation is there for me to say that I wouldn't go back there again, and believe me that is how I feel at this point in time, but given that I made such a promise in a previous post, I wouldn't want to perjure myself. What I'll do is behave like someone quitting smoking and take it one day at a time. Who knows, maybe sometime down the line, I can declare with pride like Ababoy that "I don't do Nairaland anymore".

Naija watch.

I hear that Andy Uba has resigned, can't find any links to that story though. Can anyone confirm that?


This one just cracks me up. You guys have to see it:

Juve watch

Pescara just paid us their tithes as they duly surrendered 0-2 as expected. This result coupled with the fact that Genoa could only draw means that we are now just 2 points of the summit of the Serie B table. When you put that into the context of our initial points deduction, you'd realise that we have done extremely well. However the party was marred by Alex's thigh strain. Will keep you updated on his progress.

All right then people. I'm off to sleep so I can look at the books in the evening. By the way, I am proud to announce that I'm doing well thus far in my studies, and am one of the top 4 in my class. There's room for improvement though...

Watch this space.