Thursday, August 31, 2006

The South-South should shut up!

By the time some finish reading this, they'd hate me. Some would call me a right wing neo-con. I've been called all that before, and worse.

Warning: if you are squeamish or a liberal or a green peace activist, don't go beyond this point lest we end up fighting. But first, as y'all know, I am no fan of Uncle Sege. In my own humble opinion he is not the benign uncle some would want to paint him as. He is a dictator, forget about the fact that he has spent the past seven years hobnobbing with some of the world's best 'democracies' whose actions anyway make me question the true nature of their 'democracy'...

A few weeks ago Mr. Obasanjo ordered troops into the Niger Delta to stem the wave of kidnappings that had become the order of the day in that region. I found that action very welcome because people are beginning to run from the country. Why? Because of a few lawless and ignorant youths, who have a lot of time on their hands. For the past six months or thereabouts, definitely since the end of the third term crap, almost any news aggregator you open and input Nigeria as a search item would instantly throw up news items about kidnappings. This in a country that is looking for investments? What rubbish!

Someone said: The military operations to search and destroy the revolutionary militants on the streets and in the creeks of the Niger Delta are a waste of time and resources, because if you want to arrest all the suspected militants in Port Harcourt and other parts of the Niger Delta, you have to arrest every member of the host communities of the multinational oil companies. Because, the militants are struggling to put an end to the oppression and suppression of the indigenes of the Niger Delta. Enough is enough. And their cause is justified.

I ask, what justification? Do those militants have a belief? A creed? A manifesto of what they would do should the Federal Government decide to give them control? No. All you had to do was listen to Asari Dokubo when he was still breathing unadulterated air to realise that the man was nothing more than a charlatan. Another criminal that just wanted money. And that is the reason that his movement has collapsed now that he is in the clanger. Ditto Ralph Uwazurike, and even the late Ken Saro-Wiwa. People who have something to offer leave structures in place so that even when they are gone, the movement goes on. Mandela was put in the cooler for 27 years. Did the ANC die? Che Guevara was shot. Yet Cuba has survived nine US presidents (in my opinion though Fidel Castro is a crook), and Hugo Chavez is toeing Che's line as is Evo Morales. For all we know, Osama bin Laden is dead, but Al-Qaeda is still alive. Al-Zarqawwi is definitely off the mortal coil, but the insurgency in Iraq is alive and kicking. That is because they all had one thing in common, and that is an agenda. Something their people really held on to.

History shows us that fire does quench fire. What we should be asking is whether the will to use that fire to the end of its course is there, and if that will just happens to be there, are we willing to bear the devastating consequences of such an action? One important lesson we should learn is that throughout the course of international history, one lesson has been apparent: might is right. The eventual fight that must happen in the Niger Delta is a consequense of that statement. You should also know that people in Benue State (Nigeria's food basket as is most of the North) are as marginalised as those in Bayelsa. How would the country be if all the component parts (and all have suffered one form of marginalisation or the other) take up arms?

If you chose to go down the path of violence, then be prepared to face the consequences that shall surely come. I am not in favour of the so called derivation thing, and for good reason. I have been to as many parts of Nigeria as my legs (and pocket) could carry me, and I can say with all confidence that 'marginalisation' is a figment of people's imaginations. In what part of Nigeria do we have a serious government presence? The people in Nguru have as much right to feel that government has abandoned them in much the same way as those in Nembe. So if they all decide to take up arms what happens?

I am sick of always having to hear people from the South of the country spewing bullshit like the North this, the North that. What the fuck? Abacha and Babangida didn't develop their zones as people down South erroneously believe. NEPA is just as bad in Katsina as it is in Koko. People should go and see for themselves.

I remember talking from that myopic view point back then before I ever stepped foot anywhere North of the Niger. The first time I went to Minna I was looking out for the sky scrapers and solar powered street lights that folklore had it were installed by Babangida and Abubakar. I'm still looking.

Why is it that when Alams came back from his tour of Europe (including that infamous tummy tuck operation), it is the same people who were robbed by him that came out to welcome him? (read from paragraph 9 of the above referenced article) Then later these people would open their mouths and say 'marginalisation'. Where is Alams from? In my home state (we would come to that later), people are no more shouting about the gross neglect that the state capital has suffered in the last few years simply because Lucky Igbinedion is a son of the soil. When I was growing up, Benin had the about the best roads. Up until today, Benin has a solid road network, but the problem is this: no more roads. Nowadays Ugbowo stays in Ugbowo, Etete stays in Etete. You have to have something absolutely necessary before you venture to another part of town during the rainy season, not to talk of the omila wey full the place! (Can you imagine, they are taking Gulder Ultimate Search 3 to Benin. Heaven help them when omila go show! I think it is the effects of too much Gulder that is affecting their thinking.)

Some people talk about oil derivation and how the money should be given to the people. Hello, they have been getting a lot more of the Federal Government goodies for a long time now than any other state, and what have they done with it? The person you can't trust with coins how can you trust him with notes? Rivers State which gets the most from that monthly allocation is actually retrogressing, while Bauchi which is close to the bottom of said ladder is making progress. And Odili wants to be president. The thief (sue me). Port Harcourt now is in a far worse state than it was in 1999. Why can't people see that it is their own people who are doing them in. Odili is not a Hausa man. Neither is he Yoruba. He is a genuine South-South person, abi na lie I talk?

The only governor South of the Niger who is doing something worthwhile in my opinion is Donald Duke. That is not to say that there aren't any others pulling their weights (Sam Egwu), but the truth is that the majority of them are crooks. Ibori for example is reputed to own refineries in South Africa. How did they come about?

Now let us look at the issue of the presidency. All of them are falling over themselves now that they want to run for president. That the South-South has never produced president. Shut up! Thieves! Rogues! Infidels! (Okay, sorry I couldn't resist the last one :D) I think Kure was dead right when he said the South-South doesn't deserve to produce the president since they all supported the third term bid. How can you tell me that you have the conviction to truly govern this country when you were in support of that third term thing? I personally heard Odili say he would support Obasanjo on his third term bid, as did like a hundred million other human beings. The man said it on bloody CNN for crying out loud.

We in the South shouldn't kid ourselves. The current Nigerian president is from the South. So if we are to adopt that rotational bullshit, it should go back to the North!

Personally though, I don't support the rotational kini. See, why can't we just pick the best man for the job irrespective of where he comes from? At the moment and of all the contenders whose names have been bandied about in the press, I have seen only one that is good enough in my view, and that is Pat Utomi. Problem is, he is no politician. But he would be excellent for the economy. Atiku is dishonest (how did a customs official make so much money), Babangida is an ex-dictator who institutionalised corruption, Odili is another thief, ditto Attah, I don't even want to enter Uzor Kalu. Marwa, well, I don't yet have enough dirt on him save a few rumors which I wouldn't talk about until I can substantiate them...

Now to the topic of this rant. The South-South claims never to have produced a president. That's a lie. Considering the fact that in Nigeria, you are from where your ancestors originated (state of origin), not where you were born...

For example, Chxta was born and brought up in Benin (which is why Chxta always says Chxta is a Biniman), but as Nigeria is currently set up, Chxta would have to go eastward to be able to aspire to political office. It then goes without saying that the late General Murtala Ramat Muhammad was from a little village a few miles south-west of Auchi in present day Edo State.

That makes him from the South-South. Which means that the South-South has produced a Nigerian leader before. So all the Ijaw youths et al should shut the fuck up!


I always enjoy reading Frank Aig-Imuokhuede in the Vanguard. And now that I no longer have access to the written version, I've gone online. He outdid himself in this one, and I almost broke my neck laughing...

Juve watch.

We are opening the season with ties against Rimini, Vicenza, Crotone, Modena and Piacenza. Which means that all things being equal, by the time we are playing Brescia in week 6, we should have covered up that blasted 17 point deficit. And by this time next year, we would be back where we belong, in Serie A. As I promised, Chxta's World would bring you all the Juve news we can get our grubby hands on until we once again stand on top of the rubbish heap that is Italian football. FORZA JUVE!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ashley Cole

This was in my email this evening. I hate it when players show so much disloyalty. Good to have him eating his own crap!

Last year Ashley Cole was the subject of a vile, obscene and highly amusing rumour. Then news broke that it was all true - he really did want to join Chelsea. Pretty soon, all upstanding members of society united in the hope that the matter would be handled with speed and sensitivity, with sordid details such as salary kept to a minimum as the Russian club finally made an honest man of the brash 25-year-old.
If everything had gone to that plan, he would now be in a position where he, like most people, couldn't give a Bruce Buck what Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has to say about anything. Alas, with talks having had irreparably broken down and just one day left before the transfer window is boarded up like a continental shop whenever England fans are in town, Cole suddenly has to start listening to his Gunner guardians, unless he wants to spend the remainder of his contract re-enacting the life and times of Winston Bogarde. Which would not only be a waste of his talent but, no doubt more worryingly, a blow to the already feeble sales of his recently-released autobiography.
So after swallowing his pride and turning out last night for Arsenal's reserves against a team so bad they're only Charlton reserves, Cashley will have been buoyed to hear Hill-Wood's declaration today that "Cole is a very good player". And the chairman's ominous follow-up may well serve as the kick up the Arsenal the player so richly deserves. "If he's going to stay I hope his attitude is right, but if he's going to be miserable and sour there's no point," hollered Hill-Wood, before explicitly ordering the player to "get his head right". Arsène's Arsenal Wenger, meanwhile, was unavailable for comment, so we simply made up this quote from him: "Ha-ha!" said the Frenchman, Nelson Muntz-syle.

Juve watch

The draws for the start of the season would be done this evening. We are still on a 17 point handicap, so it would be nice if we get some 'weak' opponents to start the season with...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Life online

I think the internet is like a X-ray into peoples minds and imagination. Normal people that you meet every day at work, home, or play , when they use the internet emails, forums or chat rooms take on a completely different persona than their real ones. They become Superman and Sex Goddess’s. The next time you see these people again in real life they revert to normal Plain Jane or Joe Public.

As you spend more time online with these people they start to get neurotic with loads of insecurities and issues. These people will however revert to their tough guy James Bond, Dominatrix attitudes in their forums if threatened. They would say things online that they would not dare say to someone face to face often with big words.

However when a few seasoned onliners get together in a forum their alter egos can sometimes clash as they are all “tough guys”. They will argue about stupid little things like which sound card is the best or the Ryder of the month or others, depending on the forum.

You can recognise these people because they rarely come out to play and when they do, they have poor social skills. However the onliner does not mind because he probably looks down on people with greater social skill and the life and soul of a party. The onliner believes that party people are probably computer illiterate and when the party is over, the onliner can show off his/her typing skills for weeks while party people will have to wait for next party.

What the onliners do not realise is that some of those party people are not computer illiterate, and were probably installing Windows 3.1 on MS-Dos 6.0 and playing “Way of the Exploding Fist” on an Amstrad CPC 464 (with colour screen) back in the days. They use the computer as a tool and not a life style. However the onliners who have no life, have realised that with the aid of the Windows, they can get a life and personality they have always dreamt of. Some try to carry this personality off line but it usually fails. Others suddenly become IT "experts" with loads of computer advice.

One big problem with the life of an onliner is the very medium that they use, forums especially. All the Spell Checkers, Backspace, Delete and Enter buttons in the world cannot undo an offensive message once it has been sent. Also because of their large alter egos and poor social skills they never apologise. Other onliners read more into the message(s) than intended and these message turn into full blown arguments over minor issues.

These people spend all their time reading between the lines of messages looking for hidden meaning while the others spend hours editing simple messages with or without innuendos. This turns online conversations into verbal jousting. You do not get all politics down at the pub. A quick “Sorry mate” usually clears up any misunderstanding before anyone even notices them.

If your best friend is a computer screen name, or you spend more time chatting (typing) than talking to friends, then you need to get out a bit more. Invite your online friends out too. It may be difficult without the Backspace and Delete keys but it is how the real world works. If you are broke, don’t worry, your friends will buy you a drink. Just do not be broke all the time and welcome to the real world.

Juve watch.

We lost to Napoli yesterday on penalties. So no backdoor into Europe for next season for us.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I've been bored since I arrived these parts, very bored. Can't wait for school to start. Missing Lagos...

Ran into a post on Nairaland (yes I am back there, boredom you know...), someone was asking how to sort a problem that usually occurs on Windows (2000 and XP), NTLDR missing, press any key to restart.

Someone posted a nice solution. Read it here.

Juve watch.

We are in negotiations with the FIGC to halt our legal battle. This move would see us remain in Serie B without a points penalty.

Our lawyers had stated during the match-fixing trial that we’d accept Serie B without a handicap, so while we may publicly claim we'll not stop until our top flight status is restored, the real aim is to have the 17-point penalty wiped out or at least drastically reduced. Smart tactical move. Obviously Gigli plays chess. I like the guy already.

Meanwhile Crapello got his Madrid reign off to a bore goalless draw against Villareal. I can still see the Madrid fans sleeping...

Friday, August 25, 2006

I just got a contract with the CBN!!!

This was in my email from Charles Soludo (, himself this morning. Spoiler warning, methinks his English is poor...


Swift Code: BPH KPL PK,
A/C#: 329606=101244=169=678
Our Ref: CBN/IRD/CBX/021/04


Attn Honorable Contractor,

From the records of outstanding contractors due for payment with the federal government of Nigeria your name and company was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding contractors who have not received their payments after auditing the 2005 contract payment.

I wish to inform you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter. Firstly, I plead on behalf of my country and the Central Bank Of Nigeria for not contacting you all this while as regards your contract payments which I know by now must have cost you some inconveniences, I am promising you on behalf of the Central Bank Of Nigeria that this will not repeat it self any more advice you to co-operate with me and listen to my advice as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will not be held responsible for any lapses or mis-direction of your fund due to your inability of you to co-operate with me who is in-charged as the Executive Governor.

Also note that from my record in my file your outstanding contract payment is us $18.700,million dollars (EIGHTENN MILLION, SEVEN HUNDREND united states dollars). Please re-confirm to me if this is inline with what you have in your record and also re-confirm to me the followings.

1) Your Full Name.
2) Phone, Fax And Mobile #.
3) Company Name, Position And Address.
4) Profession, Age And Marital Status.
5) Attached Copy Of your national Id.

As soon as this informations are received, your payment will be made to you either by diplomatic cash delivery or wired to your bank account directly from central bank of Nigeria .You are advised to respond immediately as soon as you receive this letter for a serious discussion with me.



Blog watch.

Chippla wrote an excellent piece on software piracy and the new realities of life. Someone responded to my previous post with a link to a rather interesting story...

Juve watch.

Despite the threats from the FIGC and FIFA, we have appealed to the Tribunal at Lazio and are claiming major damages. Would keep you posted on developments as they occur.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dapper vs Vista

Ubuntu Dapper on my machine (Obianuju: 1.4GHz, 256MB), with KDE 3.5.2 and Linux Kernel 2.6.15-26-386.
Windows Vista Beta on same machine (Obianuju 1.4GHz, 256MB) with Aeroglass.

So I want to join once again in the fray of the ever raging Linux vs Windows brouhaha. As y'all know, I tend to favour Linux, especially the Ubuntu distro. I have been using Ubuntu for just about a year now and have almost completely replaced my M$ boxes (I can't seem to convince U that Ubuntu will do everything that XP can and more on her laptop. Any ideas?)
Anyways, as an IT man I've had the opportunity to try out Windows Vista, a cracked (snip... Chxta's lawyer), sorry, Windows Vista Beta, and I must say that my initial reaction is that M$ has put out a pretty product that unnecessarily uses WAYYYYY too many system resources. I have a 'decent' machine (1.4 GHz, 133 FSB, 256MB RAM,...) and it took nearly a hour to install the OS through the GUI install (which felt bulky and awkward) and on top of that, my whole system drags *** now. I don't think that my machine is that 'under-spec' that it will crap out on me but I have had multiple crashes and lots or error reports with Vista. Dapper on the other hand has been super stable, and is highly secure.

Vista was really slow for me too. I liked the way it looks, but I will need a new machine to run that beast and enjoy it! And I have no plans to get one anytime soon. There is just too much eye-candy in that OS and that is resource hogging. MacOSX has a lot of eye-candy, but doesn't gnaw at system resources in the way Vista does. What is the point of buying a new system everytime one wants to upgrade his OS?

But the bitter truth is that one can't do away with M$ Windows just yet. See there are a lot of things that one still can't do in Linux, Football Manager as a good example. There is no way of installing and running an exe file satisfactorily, as Wine is still too buggy. But let me try and give comparisons of the software one is most likely to encounter on both...

First things first, one major advantage Dapper has over Vista (as do the vast majority of Linux distros over any Windows OS) is that on installation, you get the complete thingy. Office suite, Graphics editors, Internet, everything. With M$ you have to install each component, and pay for each whilst you are at it.

Office suite: I give OpenOffice the edge here over M$ Office. I can create scientific documents with formulas on the fly. Much better than that annoying equation editor on M$ Office. Also the fact that one can save directly to pdf is incredibly convenient. However, truth be told for advance users of M$ Office (especially Excel and Access users) the migration might be too difficult to handle, so you might do well to stay put. See, OpenOffice Spreadsheet (Excel equivalent) and OpenOffice Database (Access equivalent) still have issues that I'd like to see sorted out.
Graphics Suite: Adobe Photoshop is still the benchmark for graphic applications, and although Linux's alternative (The GIMP) is doing a good job, there is still a lot of work to be done in that area. As for 3d modelling, Blender is beginning to push the bench slowly and almost inexorably. I wonder what the field would look like in a few years. Another advantage that Blender has (like almost all FOSS), is that it has a version for Windows. There is no Linux version of 3-d studio max or Maya as far as I know. And I have looked. In another direction, OpenGL is giving DirectX a good run.
Web design: What can I say here? Dreamweaver is still heads and shoulders above anything the open source community has come up with. And with Adobe's take over of Macromedia (and their shocking refusal to have anything to do with the Open Source community), there is a long way to go before NVU can even begin to dream of competing with Dreamweaver. Meanwhile both Flash and Swish are greater than F4L. Hell, I haven't even been able to get my F4l working properly.
Web servers: Need I say anything here? IIS is buggy, unsecure and full of problems. Almost the entire web runs on Apache. Hell even Texazzpete and Maestro who are serious M$ advocates use WAMP to run their web design stuff. (WAMP means Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP), the one which runs directly on Linux is LAMP. The M$ equivalent of all that is Windows (OS), IIS (web server), Access (database) and ASP. Yuck!
Multimedia: The one advantage that Windows has here is that most formats are propreitary. No thanks to people like the American Music Association. Having gotten that out of the way, you should note that there are absolutely no problems in setting up your music player. KDE's Amarok is possibly the best music player I've ever seen, and while Noatun can play Windows Media files, I'm yet to see a Windows software that can satisfactorily play ogg files. Jet Audio makes an effort though.

I guess that is what most end users are likely to use on their systems, and even I the great Linux advocate is going to log on to Windows shortly and play FM2006.

Juve watch.

Our board as you very well know voted to take the case to civil courts. The FIGC said that they'd penalise us even heavier should we do that. Talk about trying to silence opposition. Good thing though, the board say they aren't cowed. This is about restoring our dignity. If we go to the civil courts, it is because Italian law gives us a right to do so.


New in the last few seconds, we just beat Cessena 1-2 in the Coppa Italia.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Da Vinci notes

The following italicised missif was in my email this morning. It came from Victor Dongo (Don Vik), a friend of mine, classmate, who is rounding up his Masters at Aberdeen. He is a thinker, unlike a lot of my fellow Nigerians. I replied him, and my own reply follows:

There are some opportunities that are pretty rare and when they come, one certainly gets overcomed by it all. Consider great minds like Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo and Leonardo Da Vinci. We all have been taught so much about them. They represent the very beginning of man's systematic study of his entire environment. They tore through the frontiers of nature seeking a better understanding of it.

The Queen of England as some of you are aware came 80years sometime ago and it was a very rare occasion to get to see some of her personal collections of writtings and paintings by these great people. Needless to say that she inherited almost all from her ancestral links. Laced with hers are those from some wealthy collectors. The exhibition was held somewhere byside my school. On a good day, I might not have bothered checking it out but am glad I did. It gave me the opportunity to stare at the origin of modern science. Seeing Da Vinci original notes and drawings just an inch close to my eyes was something breathtaking. The feeling was awesome.
I took one of the curators aside and asked her what the like price of one might be and she told me the least is several $$$millions! It was then I realised that the piece of paper collections could as well write-off a major % of our national debts if we had't OBJ.

In all, the experience gave me the opportunity to have a first hand look at the minds of these men. They were indeed GREAT MEN! Such a pity we were never allowed to take a shot of any of those...but the feeling is something worth sharing.

The following is my reply:

Has it occurred to you that at the same time Isaac Newton asked a critical question, your ancestor and mine hadn't even invented the wheel? Now look at it this way: had it been one of our forefathers under that tree when that apple landed, he most likely wouldn't have asked that famous question: Why didn't the apple fall up, why did it fall down? And we wouldn't have had the whole realm of Physics as we know it today.

The problem still persists up until today. As a people Africans haven't learnt to ask the six important questions: how, what, why, where, which and whom. Take the average oyibo child as an example, if he is told by his grandmother not to climb that iroko tree outside the compound, he'll ask her why. And should she tell him that the tree belongs to Ogun and he lives at the top of it, he'll climb it the next day in order to get to meet Ogun. In our case on the other hand, the child would most likely not get to the second question lest he be seen as challenging his grandma's authority. And if he does get to the second question, he'd be too afraid to climb up and challenge Ogun, so he'd never go near that tree for the rest of his natural life, and he'd pass that on to his own children when they come. I have had such an experience. As a child my grandma told me not to whistle at night. I asked her why, and before she explained anything, I was given a sermon about the evils of asking older and more experienced people silly questions. She finally told me that if I whistle at night, I'd invite evil spirits to the house. That night I had a nice long whistling session. No evil spirits came, but I was written off as an evil child (the evil spirit maybe?).

We lack that curiousity that would have made us advance as a people, which is why when first the Arabs, then the Europeans came, we were still doing things in much the same way as our forefathers had been doing them for centuries. Which is why we never set out to explore the world around us. Which is why...

I could go on and on, but is there really a point?

New blog on the block

My cousin Nkechi has just started her own blog. She writes well, and is a tard cynical, so I'd advice you to watch that space.

Juve watch.

We are playing Martina in the Coppa Italia tonight. Starting earlier than we are used to because of the demotion by all those haters. Scant consolation when someone was teasing me a few days back. He said we have now joined the ranks of clubs that have been relegated before, and I replied, yes, we have been relegated, but we were not relegated on the field. Eat that you moron.

Forza Juve!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


The picture below belongs to a classmate from my UNIBEN days, Kenneth Iribogbhe. A lot of people out there won't recognise the name, so I will go with the name he was more popularly known as: KenBynz.

KB as we shortened it was a legend around the Engineering, Sciences and Hall 3/4/Ekosodin environs between 1997 and 2003. He was one of those people that you would call a student's student, a man's man, a boy's boy. Everytime there was trouble (and there almost always was), KB was sure to be there making sure it got worse :D.

I always enjoyed his company. One of my favourite memories of the fellow is in our 300 level when his father came to Benin to look for him. The poor man had to make inquiries almost around the entire campus simply because no one knew who Kenneth Iribogbhe was. I also remember during the Obe Rasaq riots when he (like all warm blooded Engineering students at the time) happily participated. He led a detachment of screeching students to the Department of Student Affairs and before one could say 'great UNIBEN' had taken down one set. Himself and another fellow in my class, Desmond were known exclusively by their nicknames, such that when the names of perpetrators were published in the newspapers for a disciplinary panel hearing, KB and Desmond had their nicknames published in the paper!

Sadly this legend of our student days didn't finish school with us. He disappeared shortly after we began our final year, and for four years up until yesterday, the big question was: where is KenBynz?!

As is usual with his kind, he resurfaced without warning yesterday. Showed up at Obiora's place, then called Maestro as well as Dre901. For rhose who may want to get at him, his phone number is 08053815549. Welcome back to the land of the living KB...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The cat is out of the bag: Babangida is running!

So the cat is out of the bag and IBB says he will contest next year's elections. What a depressing piece of news. This is a man who was almost single handedly responsible for devastating the country and instead of hiding in shame he is coming out to rule again!

Babangida is the progenitor of the culture of "settlement" in Nigeria. Settlement had always been there, don't get me wrong. It was one of the things that Nzeogwu talked about in his speech on January 15, 1966, but IBB institutionalised it. Babangida's administration mismanaged $12.5 billion during the gulf war from an oil 'windfall'. He is sometimes regarded as the most corrupt African leader, though there has been no substantial evidence to warrant a trial. To some his cunningly pleasing manners and rhetoric which won the hearts of many at first, was believed to contradict some of his later actions. He is sometimes referred as 'Maradonna' and 'Evil genius'.

How can we let such a person back? In my mind, only one Nigerian is worse than Babangida ever has been. And that is Arthur Nzeribe. And that makes me scared. Because despite that criminals crimes against his own people, he is still representing them in the Senate till this day. Do we have such short memories?

Please join us to go against Babangida. We don't want him, we don't need him.

Juve watch.

1. Balza feelsa that Zlatan was a pain in the arse and that his departure isn't a loss for Juve. You just plaayed into my good books young man. I'll keep an eye out for you.
2. DD says we would be getting ready to challenge for scudetto number 30 (28 to those pricks who took our titles away) by this time next year. Definitely he's in the right frame of mind.
3. From the safety of Estadio Camp Nou, Thuram is firing his gob. What a gutless cunt. Couldn't he have just kept quiet?
4. Lastly, in order to avoid a lengthy legal battle, the FIGC is considering further reducing our 'sentence'. If they are so convinced of the correctness of their decision, why don't they let us take it as far as we are willing to take it? We are willing take it to the ends of the earth, and all these haters want to silence us. I just blame Moggi for broadsiding us...

Forza Juve!

Monday, August 14, 2006

This is Lagos

I've been back in Lagos about 5 days now as a result of boredom. Pure and simple. Neither Benin nor the East has anything to offer me as the people that I roll with in both places are gone. I was bored almost out of my mind during my holiday. Hell, I even went to work on Thursday (can you imagine?)

Since I returned, I've been at a friend's place in the Yaba area (why do I keep avoiding my uncles?). Henry was part of my squad in school and at the moment he stays with another fellow from the old days Paschal. So we have this little crowd of bachelors, Paskillo, Henro (better known as Maestro), Donald and Collins (Kolynzo). Makes for a nice and rowdy session whenever they return from work. More often than not, I spend my days at St. Dominic's Catholic Church. Hey, I am not praying, before your mind runs off on a tangent. There is a cybercafe therecalled Domnet.

In the last few days, I have taken advice that I saw on Akin's blog, and I've stopped watching the news. Ever since that happened I have been in a better state of mind, but poorly informed. Can someone please let me know what Israel is up to in Lebanon? Has Obj slapped Atiku?

Saturday was a rather interesting day. We woke up, then went to Ojuelegba to drop Maestro's chic Mandu. She had come to see her beau and was headed back to Uyo. So there we were at Tabasco Lines, Ojuelegba: myself, Maestro and Kolynzo. All having not yet had our baths. As soon as Mandu's bus took off, we found ourselves driving into Surulere to the residence of Obiora. Obiora happens to be my closest friend bar Peter Ikenebomeh and he was thrilled to see the three of us. We spent an hour in his place talking a lot of rubbish and gawking at Surulere babes as they swayed past the front of his house then headed to Ijesha with Obiora (all four of us in the car hadn't bathed, so you can only imagine what we looked like. Myself and Kolynzo had chewing sticks in our mouths) to the residence of Aremu.

Aremu is a friend of ours who dropped out of school before our final year. He took one look at his GP back then and decided that he'd be hard pressed to even make a third class, so there was no point. Now he's married and settled. That morning he took us all to Mr. Bigg's at Ijesha. Rather interesting sight I tell you, five men, all in their night dresses shouting their heads off at Mr Bigg's. Needless to say that I won a tray in the Mr. Bigg's aniversary draw.

After all that madness, we went back to Yaba, had our baths and headed to Otigba. I had some stuff to sell, Maestro had some stuff to buy. Emeka joined us (I will write about him someday). Erimona (one of my guys from the old days) dispatched me stuff, and I saw that my people have started pirating iPods. Ndi Igbo kwenu!

When we were through with Otigba (at about 1700), we faced Ikoyi. Went to disturb U. She was game for a date, so we all headed to VI and noticed that the Palms is giving Silverbird a good run. Ended up in Munchies, and stayed there until 2200 or therabouts. On the way to drop U back home in Ikoyi, we took a drive through Sanusi Fafunwa and Adeola Hopewell and had fun negotiating with the tourist attractions that dot both roads at night. I think U enjoyed herself tremendously as she was laughing her head off through out. Problem was that her presence in the vehicle made the tourist attractions realise that we were not interested in their wares, and on each occasion, we were roundly insulted, to which we always replied in like terms. Emeka's mouth is a verifiable toilet. On a somber note, that brand of tourism can't be stopped as long as those people have clients. See, we saw a lot of expats and a smaller number of Naija boys pricing their wares. In some cases, a deal was struck, the tourist attraction would jump into a car, and they'd zoom off presumably for a night of fun and games.

After dropping U off at home, we went to Oregun to drop of Emeka and then returned to Yaba. On the way back to Yaba, myself and Maestro witnessed an accident. An okada two cars in front of us racing at breakneck speed along Herbert Macaulay Way ran into a pothole. The bike promptly fell and discharged the rider and passenger on the road. The taxi who was directly behind the bike drove over the passenger and rider while I screeched to a halt. The guy behind me also came to a halt. He had seen it too. This third fellow, Maestro and myself all came out to see what had happened, while the taxi driver also came out to see what he had driven over. Before one could say 'hello' awon boys had surrounded us. It is still annoying to think about it, so I can't write in as much detail as I'd want to. But here were two victims in their own blood, still alive and pleading for help, and what were awon boys interested in? Beating up the taxi driver. The three 'good samaritans' left in disgust by the time it became obvious that awon boys weren't going to let us take the wounded to the hospital. They insisted that the taxi driver must do it himself, of course after being 'disciplined'. What is Lagos turning to?

Juve watch.

We brushed everyone aside in the annual Trofeo Morfeo friendly tournament. And everyone includes Serie A 'champions' Inter Milan. What a waste of space those people are. Uche Anidobi, does our performance vindicate me? Juve did not cheat!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oops, I banned you.

Oops, I banned you. Inbox

Seun Osewa
to me
More options 2:04 am (11 hours ago)

Oops, I forgot to unban you on schedule. Sorry. Cheers!

Seun Osewa [vast Nigerian forum]

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Your message has been sent.

to Seun
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You still haven't told me why you banned me the last time. I consider that very rude
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On 8/8/06, Seun Osewa < > wrote:

Oops, I forgot to unban you on schedule. Sorry. Cheers!

Seun Osewa [vast Nigerian forum]


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Na wa o. After days of being banned I get the above in my box? Now, as y'all know, I love yaking. Do I go back? My initial reaction is not to. The disrespect is just too much. I love being a Juventino, and I command a lot of respect there. Seun's behaviour is insulting to say the least.

Meantime someone should tell Lucky Igbinedion to face the roads in Benin. This is embarassing.

Juve watch.

Our CEO has for the first time spoken at lenght about the happenings concerning the Calciopoli. DD says there is no problem with Zlatan and that they are all mushy chummy. Hey DD, quit the bullshit. There are problems with that crack head and we all know it.

I'd have written more, but I have to get used to paying for cyber cafe time with a much reduced bandwidth...

Edit: (1514 hours)

On 8/8/06, Seun Osewa <> wrote:
I consider it rude for someone to log on to my site to attack me, but
what you say on your blog is none of my business. You were banned for
attacking me, which is against the rules, but the prolonged nature of
the ban was an administrative error. Kapish?

My response to that one: It's your site. You won't see me here again.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

That we may not forget

Before I begin to bore you guys once again, I have to mention three humans whom I forgot their birthdays in the last week. Amaka Uraih on 28/7, Doro Bosini on 30/7 and Emeka Onyekonwu on 1/8. Hope you good people find it in your hearts to forgive my indiscretion, but remember what I’ve always told you, were I not a twin, I’d be forgetting my own birthday. I am that bad. Aside from the tweeny thingy, it is also sweet that wifey’s day is the day before mine, so I don’t think I’ll have a chance of forgetting again for the rest of my natural life. Let’s keep our fingers crossed though, and once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

It has really been a nice few days for me, post ‘retirement’, nothing sweeter than breathing fresh air, (the air in Lagos is awful), but the rain has not helped matters. I’ve been indoors for the most. I saw something in the papers today that made me come out of my semi exile from the net. It is about the Apo killings. The accused guys (in my mind they are guilty, I was in Abuja when it happened) have been granted bail. Now, now, now, they are entitled to bail under the law, true, but not when they are flight risks. You see, these guys from the onset didn’t show remorse. Danjuma Ibrahim took off. What guarantee do we have that they won’t do so again? Forget the sureties that have been placed, or the fact that N2M may just be out of their reach individually, me thinks that these geezers should be used as a deterrent to the rest of the police. You don’t just go around shooting people.

As for the country, we have to learn to remember our dead. No one would want to make the supreme sacrifice for his country if he knows that that sacrifice would be forgotten as soon as he is six feet under. We aren’t doing a good job with these six youths…

Other matters

Nothing new in the world… I am lazing away in 'Biafra', Israel is still using Lebanon as a testing ground for all sorts, Okonjo-Iweala has resigned paving way for Oby and co to loot to their hearts' content which makes 2007 all the more interesting, Diego is still being a huge stupid cunt while Paloma is crying away…

Juve watch

UEFA have let Milan into the Champions League, Vieira has moved to Inter and Zlatan is an unbelievably huge cunt!