Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sorrow, Tears and Blood

11 days ago Nkem unwittingly echoed the words of the great Fela Anikulapo-Kuti when he wrote this article concerning the apparent laziness of the Nigerian.

Had he still been around this den of iniquity called earth, abami eda would have turned 69 today. I want to wish him a happy birthday, post humuosly of course. Like him or not, and we admit that in terms of his personal life Fela wasn't exactly a shining example for our youth, Fela made a lot of sense in his songs.

For me, my best Fela song for some reason remains Sorrow, Tears and Blood:

Everybody run run run
Everybody scatter scatter
Some people lost some bread
Some one nearly die
Some one just die
Police dey come, Army dey come
Confusion everywhere...

Seven minutes later
All done cool down,
brotherPolice don go away
Army don disappear

Dem leave Sorrow, Tears, and Blood
Dem regular trade mark

My people self dey fear too much

Dem fear for the thing we no see
Dem fear for the air around us
We fear to fight for freedom
We fear to fight for liberty
We fear to fight for justice
We fear to fight for happiness
We always get reason to fear...

We no want die
We no want quench
Mama dey for house

Papa dey for house
I get one wife
I get one car
I get one house
I just build house
I wan enjoy...

So policeman go slap your face
You no go talk...
Army man go whip your yansh
You go dey look like donkey...

Rhodesia dey do dem own
Our leaders dey yab for nothing
South Africa dey do dem own

Dem leave Sorrow, Tears, and Blood
Dem regular trade mark

Need I say more?

Juve watch returns in the next installment. Insh'Allah by then Treviso would be preparing to surrender the points they owe us from last season. Forza Juve!


farouq said...

.....guess Fela wont b singin anymo if he stil alive.His lyrics portray d contemporary Naija in every way.....As 4 JUVE! I guess they wil b dinin wit d devil....

Boso said...

Fela, a great musician indeed.....and that is a great song. I suspect if he was still alive, he'd be running for president, again.

nosa101 said...

I have a laptop i want you to look out, it's on today's post on my blog.Tell me what you think

Jem said...

Wow my dear, so there is an emotional side to you or is it just me thinking that the song has is very sentimental to you?

I find this interesting, lol. I was never really a big fan of Fela but i appreciate his music in the sense that he spoke a lot against the ills of the Nigerian Government in that era and that is a very bold statement ...

Hmmm...will be following. Keep it up :)